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Content by : Thibault Launay

" Crypto legend Patrick Hable always told me :
“In a bull market, everyone is a genius. When bear market is coming, it’s a different story.”

At Exclusible, we think many companies who have high cash burn and zero revenue will die in the next few months. There will also be a few consolidations.

Best advise from YC yesterday “Remember that many of your competitors will not plan well, maintain high burn, and only figure out they are screwed when they try to raise next round. You can often pick up significative market share in an economic downtown by just staying alive”. (It’s a bit funny when 6 months ago all YC companies were raising pre-seed rounds on $25m valuation with a team of 2 people, no product, and a 5 pages PowerPoint).

Many VCs told us 6 months ago that they didn’t care about revenues, which was very odd for us.

For the first time since we founded Exclusible almost 1 year ago, VCs are asking healthy questions such as “What is your monthly cash burn? Runway? What are you revenues?” rather than philosophical questions such as “what is the competitive advantage of Tezos Vs Solana Vs Polygon, “what is your company culture?” Or “what on-ramp fiat solution do you use?”.

We always believed, as entrepreneurs, that “the purpose of a company is to make a decent profit decently”, and now it makes perfect sense.

It’s now time for us to make a difference :

1 - to build great products (fashion factory is coming...) and focus on scalability and automatisation

2 - test all the metaverse experiences (yes there are many more than just Sandbox and Decentraland)

3 - sign bigger and bigger brands (supercars, watches, fashion, jewelry, beauty, premium alcool brands).

4 - sign very strong partnerships and explore potential M&A opportunities

5 - bring the next 1M people to NFTs and metaverse

6 - position Exclusible as a brand (Exclusible Penthouse is coming mid June - already 16000 people registered)

7 - position Exclusible as as distributor (our value is now based on the the fact that we sold out all our 9 NFTs drops between 50 seconds and 4 days)

It’s funny how when the music stops, many people and investors suddenly are not that passionate about NFT / metaverse."



Credit : Thibault Launay


CEO at Exclusible - Exclusible NFT Penthouse MINT in June. DM me for WL

Dubai, United Arab Emirates