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OTCbid - Bitcoin is unstoppable, fiat cannot be fixed, and AI will accelerate its collapse - Jeff Booth










" Bitcoin can already address the twin problems of currency depreciation and spiraling debt, but to see it you need to step outside of the current financial paradigm, according to Jeff Booth, General Partner at Ego Death Capital.

“You have a monetary system that is 10,000 times bigger than Bitcoin today, and that relies on theft,” Booth said. “This is going to be hard to digest… because you're measuring a system problem from the system creating the problem, and all the politics on top, no matter what side, is just theater on top of a system problem.”

Booth spoke with Michelle Makori, Lead Anchor and Editor-in-Chief at Kitco News at Bitcoin Miami earlier this month. He said our debt-based financial system cannot function without continuous currency depreciation, which makes ordinary people poorer even as real productivity skyrockets.

“Globally, there's about 400 trillion dollars of debt,” he said. “If you try to pay back one trillion dollars at one dollar a second, it would take you approximately 32,000 years. So the debt is already insolvent, but we pretend it's solvent because we allow governments to manipulate money to pay back the debt with cheaper dollars tomorrow, and that manipulation of money carries a huge problem throughout society, because it's just manipulation.”

Bitcoin mirrors rise of e-commerce

Booth said today’s Bitcoin vs. fiat analysis mirrors the online vs. physical store analysis from the 1990s and 2000s, seeing opportunities as threats and failing to account for the speed of technological change. - Read More

Source: Kitco

5000+ BTC buyER IN DUBAI--3% Gross, -1% Net, B2B, DUBAI

30-40 BTC @ +5% Gross, +8% Net, USDT/BTC Swap, Beverly Hills - Look For Seller

(Buyer : GST...CAR-TELE)

Post: 6.6.23


  • Buyer is looking for 30-40 BTC @ +5% gross, +8% net

  • Buyer = +8%

  • Seller = 5% (paid by Buyer)

  • Intermediary (Ray) = 3%​​​ (paid by Buyer)



  1. Buyer sends test. Seller confirm.

  2. Will do small increments

  3. Sign a MOU and Seller sends 5 BTC at a time.

  4. Buyer sends USDT after BTC received

  5. Buyer pays 3% to intermediary and pays 5% to Seller. Total 8%.


Interested parties should contact :

US Flag

30-40 BTC buyER IN US
+5% Gross, +8% Net, USDT/BTC Swap, Beverly Hills
Email :
DM Raymond Chai (on Linkedin)
Telegram: +1 (786) 632 8577

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