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NEW: 10K BTC @ -5% Gross, -2% Net, B2B or Escrow, Brite Banc, Philippines - Look For Seller


Post: 12.1.23


  • Buyer is buying 10K BTC @ -5% Gross, -2%, B2B or Escrow Brite Banc Escrow platform.

  • Buyer = 2%

  • Buyerside = 1.5% 

  • Sellerside = 1.5% ​


  • Standard SPA and Escrow agreements

  • No risk transaction for buyer and seller - no party needs to move first.

  • Funds stay with buyer account until BTC in place.

  • BTC stays in escrow until funds in place​​

  • 1. Buyer open account in BriteBanc with standard KYC

  • 2. Buyer deposits $USD funds. (Buyer has full control of funds at all times)

  • 3. BriteBanc verifies and confirms deposited funds to seller

  • 4. Seller transfers BTC to BriteBanc escrow wallet.

  • 5. BriteBanc transfers buyer funds to BriteBanc escrow account

  • 6. BriteBanc initiates settlement when both $USD and BTC assets are in BriteBanc account.

  • 7. BriteBanc transfers BTC to Buyer wallet and $USD to Seller's account. 

  • 8. Steps 2-7 repeats until contract completed



Interested parties should contact :




NEW: 10K-50K+ BTC @ -4% gross, -2% net, F2F, Solaire, Okada, Manila - Look For Buyer

(Seller: AT.....KS)

Post: 23.10.2019​​​

  • A Seller from Manila is selling 10K-50K+ BTC  at -4% gross, -2% net 

  • Buyer side (2-3 people Max) = 1% 

  • Seller side (2-3 people Max) = 1%


  • ● Minimum purchase quantity: 10,000 BTCs (up to 50,000 BTCs)

  • ● Buyer discount: 2.0% (2.0% additional BTCs supplied by seller)

  • ● Buyer side fee: 1.0% (paid by seller)

  • ● Seller side fee: 1.0% (paid by seller)

  • ● Venue of Transaction: VIP room at Solaire ( or Okada Manila ( in Philippines. Seller pays and makes reservation.

  • ● Currency: HKD (Hong Kong Dollars)

  • ● BTC price: mutually agreed price (

  • ○ If morning trade, then based on market price at midnight (earlier)

  • ○ If afternoon trade, then based on market price at noon (earlier)

  • ○ Based on Manila standard time (UTC +8)

  • ● Table money: cashier’s check equivalent to 1,000 BTCs (amount can be adjusted under mutual agreement)

  • ● Performance guarantee (penalty): USD 100,000 (or equivalent amount in HKD)

  • ○ Upon signed agreement, seller and buyer mandate consign deposit to law firm who is in charge of trade and agreements. ○ Seller sends equivalent amount in BTC to law firm’s wallet.

  • ○ Buyer mandate wire transfers equivalent amount in HKD to law firm’s escrow account.

  • ○ In the event of “no-show” or insufficient funds or tokens, that party will lose its penalty amount to the other party in full.


  • 1. Seller mandate and buyer mandate sign trade/procedure agreement.

  • 2. Seller and buyer mandate sign IA (investment agreement).

  • 3. Buyer mandate submits IA to HKMA for approval.

  • 4. Buyer mandate prepares cashier’s check for table money that can be deposited at seller’s bank.

  • 5. Buyer mandate and seller sends performance guarantee amount to law firm’s escrow account in Philippines.

  • a. Buyer mandate signs agreement with law firm and wire transfers to law firm’s escrow account.

  • b. Seller signs agreement with law firm and transfers BTCs to law firm’s wallet..

  • c. Fully refunded if trade is completed successfully.

  • d. Not refunded if a party does not show up or trade is incompleted/cancelled due to a party’s fault.


  • 1. Buyer mandate(s) flies to Manila, Philippines at buyer mandate’s own expense.

  • 2. Buyer mandate(s) and seller mandates (lawyer plus 2 people) meet at agreed VIP room.

  • 3. Buyer mandate places cashier’s check on the table as table money. The amount is equivalent to 1,000 BTCs based on current day price of BTC.

  • 4. Seller mandate will verify (not deposit) the cashier’s check.

  • 5. Seller mandate will transfer 1,000 BTCs to buyer or buyer mandate’s BTC wallet.

  • 6. After buyer and/or buyer mandate confirmed receipt of 1,000 BTCs in his/her BTC wallet, buyer mandate will proceed with wire transfer in the equivalent amount 1,000 BTCs to seller’s bank account.

  • 7. Buyer mandate shall provide wire transfer receipt and proof that transfer cannot be cancelled or stopped by buyer or buyer mandate.

  • 8. Daily transaction limit is set to 5,000 BTCs and can be adjustable upon mutual agreement.

  • 9. Once seller has given confirmation that the funds will be successfully received without possibility of cancellation, repeat steps 5~7 until completion of entire trade



Interested parties should contact:

NEW: 300K+ Up To 1.3M BTC @ -8% gross, -4% net, Okada Casino, Manila - Look For Buyer

(Seller: AA.....KN)

Post: 14.10.2019​​​

  • A Seller from American Hedge Fund is selling 300K+ BTC up to 1.3M BTC  at -8% gross, -4% net 

  • Buyer side (2-3 people Max) = 2% 

  • Seller side (2-3 people Max) = 2%

  • Transaction in Manila 

  • If buyer wants small contracts, the price will be Market +2%


  • 1. POF via Sun City or Bota junket receipt first to be checked by seller/Mandate if enough for minimum 1k BTC.
    2. After verification of funds Seller will arrive & show POC.
    3. After confirming both sides capability seller/buyer will book a VIP room for the transaction & cash shall be moved in the room cash on table then start the transfer.
    4. After confirmation of BTC transfer to Buyer's wallet the fund on the table shall be collected by the Seller.
    5. Payment shall be paid immediately on the spot as per total successful tranche and continuously till the purchased contract is served.



Interested parties should contact:


NEW: 100K - 300K up to 1M BTC @ -6% gross, -3% net, F2F, B2B, Manila - Look For Buyer

(Seller: RA...CN)

Post: 9.10.2019


  • A Seller from American Hedge Fund is selling 100K-300K up to 1M BTC  at -6% gross, -3% net 

  • Buyer side (2-3 people Max) = 1.5% 

  • Seller side (2-3 people Max) = 1.5%

  • Transaction in Manila 


  • F2F meeting in casino Manila

  • After F2F and sign the contract

  • Verify POF, POC

  • The buyer can buy BTC using Juncket account worldwide

  • So the buyer can control their money

  • Can be bank to bank or cheque

  • Procedure to be confirmed during negotiation


Interested parties should contact:

NEW: 150K BTC @ -3% gross, -1% net, B2B, Bank of China, Manila, Philippines - Look For Buyer

(Seller: O L)

Date: 1.7.2019

  • Miner from Philippines has 150K BTC for sale at -3% gross, -1% net, 2% brokers

  • Buyer side 1%, Seller side 1%

  • Minimum: 5K BTC, Maximum: 150K+ BTC

  • Tranches: to be discussed

  • POC BTC wallet at Bank of China - Manila. 

  • Micro transaction can be provided


  • Buyer provided full KYC and Purchase Order.

  • Which has to be stamped - confirmed by Buyers Bank officer. 

  • B2B Communication start between: Sellers bank officer who will start to communicate with Buyers bank officer.

  • Parties will provide via Bank officers POC and POF simultaneously.

  • Bank officers prepare and handle paperwork: terms and conditions, sign and stamp, performance invoices,

  • Closing date Bank 2 Bank: Transfer funds / Transfer BTC).

  • Payment procedure: MT 103.

  • Rolls of extensions can be executed on daily basis


  • Tranche 1 | Week 1-5 June | 5K BTC

  • Tranche 2 | Week 6-10 June | 15K BTC

  • Tranche 3 | Week 11-15 June | 30K BTC

  • Tranche 4 | Week 16-20 June | 35K BTC

  • Tranche 5 | Week 21-25 June | 35K BTC

  • Tranche 6 | Week 26-30 June | 35K BTC


Interested parties should contact:


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