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OTCbid - Bitcoin Showing Bullish Signs – Exchange Outflows See Significant Uptick




























" Bitcoin (BTC) is again showing signs of bullishness, with outflows from crypto exchanges and into personal wallets now seeing a significant uptick.

In a post published on the crypto analytics platform CryptoQuant, the exchange outflows were described as “very significant” and “the highest amount in months,” amounting to more than 61,000 BTC in the past three days alone.

“After months of [lower] prices, this is a sign of demand coming back into the market,” the post, written by the user Maartunn, said.


Exchange outflows are generally seen as bullish for crypto prices, as it indicates that investors have long-term convictions in the asset and are not planning to sell again in the near term. Conversely, exchange inflows are seen as bearish as it can be a sign that investors are losing confidence and are therefore sending coins to exchanges to be sold." - Read full article 




-7.25% Gross, -5.75% Net, Tier 1 Escrow/Fireblocks/Swiss Bank, USDT or Fiat To BTC, UK

NEW: 200K BTC @ -7.25% Gross, -5.75% Net, Tier 1 Escrow/Fireblocks/Swiss Bank, USDT or Fiat To BTC, UK - Look For Seller

(Buyer: SMAR...JKK-TELE)

Post: 5.10.22


  • Buyer is buying 200K BTC @ -7.25% Gross, -5.75% Net via Fireblocks platform.

  • Buyer wants to pay with USDT

  • Buyer can provide POF for each tranche np.

  • Buyer can make the first move by depositing USDT with escrow agent.

  • Buyer lawyer can provide $3m usd to seller lawyer immediately. We can start executing $3m tranches right away.

  • I am direct to Buyer


  • Buyer = 5.75% (Buyer 5.4% + Buyer paid 0.35% to Buyerside)

  • Sellerside = 1.5% ​(open)

  • Buyerside = 0.35% (paid by Buyer)(closed)


  • Create SPA agreement. Initial Engagement/ Transaction Contract including IMFPA is signed by both parties.

  • All docs signed by relevant parties

  • Buyer deposits 1st tranche USDT with agreed escrow or lawyer client account

  • Seller receives deposit and confirmed

  • Seller sends BTC to delivery wallet

  • Escrow or lawyer checks BTC delivery on blockchain

  • Escrow or lawyer forwards USDT to seller

  • Escrow or lawyer pays intermediaries as per imfpa for tranche

  • And repeat subsequent tranches

  • BTC delivery can be to escrow or lawyer, Buyer doesn't mind. It just reduces costs if BTC is is sent direct to buyer.​


Interested parties should contact :


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