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OTCbid - Metaverse Coins Top Bitcoin Gains This Year, Macro Hive Says





" A hypothetical iteration of the internet called the metaverse appears to be the hottest trend in cryptocurrencies this year, beating even the world’s largest digital asset. 

That’s what U.K.-based research firm Macro Hive’s crypto indexes show, with meta-related coins up 37,000% this year compared to Bitcoin’s nearly 100% gain. They also show the growing performance gap between Bitcoin and still-proliferating alternative tokens.

“The clear outperformer this year has been the metaverse,” Macro Hive’s team including Dalvir Mandara and CEO Bilal Hafeez said in a newsletter published Thursday. “Returns appeared to be turbocharged by Facebook’s decision to rebrand to Meta.” " - Read Full Article

Source: CNBC


" We get asked for millions of BTC from billion-dollar companies. We can do it with multiple sellers and multiple wallets."

- OTCbid

-6% gross, -3% net, Bank, Russia, Canada

Seller Mandate Only


NEW: 100K BTC with R&E @ 6% gross, 3% net, Bank, Russia, Canada  - Look For Seller

(Buyer :  SAP...LM -TELE)

Post: 6.12.21

  • An institutional buyer is looking for 100K BTC @ -6% gross, -3% net​

  • Buyer = 3%

  • Buyer side = 1.5%

  • Seller side = 1.5%​


  1. Owner of Bitcoins issues LOI to the name of ХХХХХХХХХХХХ. Attn: ХХХХХХХХХХХХХ Director/CEO.

  2. The LOI should indicate under what condition the owner of Bitcoins want to perform: sales, investment/loan contract and target  discount.

  3. The LOI should include basic Bitcoins owner information: contact details and active wallet information.  Upon receipt of LOI ХХХХ

  4. The Buyer (Institutional Financial Entity subsidiary of a Bank) and the Seller exchange a KYC. 

  5. The Buyer and the Seller sign SPA.

  6. The Buyer opens for the Seller a primary General Commercial Operating Business Master Account in the name of the Seller for the purpose of transacting per the terms of SPA and Note: the business account of the Seller will be a Master Account and will contain two segregated business accounts, one will be a fully operational business account opened and the second is a security account (SKR). The Master Account and the segregated business accounts will all be in name of Seller).

  7. The Seller to advise the Buyer of a wallet address under the control of the Seller with a minimum of 500 BTC for Buyer to run wallet analysis.

  8. The Buyer transfers funds to the Seller’s security account (SKR), the amount of transferred funds  should be 150% of the value of the tranches listed in the corresponding tranche schedule or value of the transactional wallet, it should be calculated on the current market value of the BTC in EUR and outlined in Annex A to SPA.

  9. After the execution of the Contract between the Seller and the Buyer takes place; the Seller shall send the Party 2, EUR1000 worth of bitcoin (Satoshi) from the wallet address which will be confirmed by Buyer to verify that Seller is in control of the external crypto wallet/s that Seller is using for the transfer of the bitcoin tranches to the wallet address of Buyer for the purpose of concluding a sales and purchase transaction. Once the transfer fully settles on the blockchain in the wallet of Party 2, the EUR1000 equivalent of bitcoins are returned to the Seller.

  10. The Buyer and Seller mutually agree to a schedule to be outlined in Annex A to SPA.

  11. The Seller, transfers BTC to the Buyer’s wallet as per mutually agreed schedule; the BTC transfer is verified as received after 6 confirmations of transfer to the Buyer’s wallet as confirmed on explorer. In order to fix the BTC Price (EUR), at the moment the BTC transfer has been confirmed by Party 2, Buyer shall communicate to Seller the exact “settlement-BTC price” which is indicative of the BTC Price Fix (EUR) which is based on the average global market price of a BTC for acceptance by the Seller. The Buyer and the Seller choose to cross reference the average global market price with; the Buyer transfers funds estimated as per mutually agreed price ledger to ledger to the Seller’s operational account.

  12. The Seller will generate the Seller Paid Invoice detailing the BTC Price Fix in (EUR), BTC Purchase Price in (EUR) having adjusted for the agreed discount, Total Units of BTC Sent by the Seller, and Total Fiat Amount Due (EUR) from the Buyer. The Seller’s Paid Invoice shall be delivered to the Buyer, at the end of the daily tranche so that trading can resume the following business day repeating until completing contractual quantity.


Interested parties should contact :

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