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OTCbid - $1.2 Billion in Bitcoin Was Liquidated During Last Week's Crypto Crash
























" Think you had a bad week? Try being a crypto day trader.

From Sunday, May 8—when the TerraUSD stablecoin began losing its peg to the U.S. dollar and crypto markets began slipping—to Saturday, May 14, Bitcoin derivatives traders lost over $1.2 billion in liquidations, according to data analytics site CoinGlass.

That's more than double the amount for the same period of the previous week, which saw $542 million in trades liquidated. The picture across all markets was similarly grim. According to Coinglass data, over $1 billion in all crypto assets was wiped out on May 8 alone—the largest figure in over three months.

As for why, take a look at the prices. Crypto shed over $300 billion in market cap as Bitcoin dropped from $35,500 on May 8 to $30,100 on May 14. BTC is currently trading at around $29,700, per CoinMarketCap. " - Read Full Article

Source: Decrypt


-10% Gross, -5% Net, F2F, Cash, Dubai

Buyer Mandate Only

NEW:  10K+ BTC @ -10% Gross, -5% Net, F2F, Cash, Dubai - Look For Buyer

(Seller ; GFLE...PER-GAIL)

Post: 17.5.22


  • Seller is selling 10K+ BTC @ -10% gross, -5% net

  • Seller rep is direct to a US seller with a contact person in Dubai.

  • 10/5 discount with any amount of 10k+ BTC. Will need 24hr notice for F2F in Dubai.


  • Buyer = 5%

  • Buyerside = 2.5%

  • Sellerside = 2.5% ​(closed)


  • The Buyer and Seller sign this Agreement and thereafter undertake the following procedures: 

  • Step A:

  • Buyer and Seller representative will meet on a conference call to discuss procedure and once agree, set the time and place for the face-to-face transaction to occur.  On the basis of a successful call, the transaction continues in it process.  If not a successful call, this SPA is terminated. 

  • Step B:

  • Buyer and Seller representative meet at the designated location for the face-to face.

  • Step C:

  • Buyer / Buyer Rep will wire Transfer to seller's nominated Account at our exchange office/Hawahlah office as agreed in Step A or Without Face to face meeting with sellers representatives. 

  • Option 2 : Acceptable exchange at our office as agreed in step A. 

  • Step D:

  • Seller's confirms that he receives funds in front of Buyer / Buyer Rep. Then, Seller confirms the funds are verified AT his bank in Dubai according to the agreed amount of BTC Tranches. Seller has to access funds to be sure funds are not blocked or pinned funds before transferring his Bitcoins to Buyer’s designated Blockchain wallet address.

  • Step E:

  • Seller sends BTC to Buyer's wallet address nominated by Buyer, which must be verifiable by Seller rep in the mutually accepted designated exchange office/Hawahlah office in Dubai or office within Emirate National Bank (ENB) Dubai.   

  • Step F:

  • Buyer / Buyer Rep confirms that BTC is received then deal done. 

  • Step G:

  • Seller pays Consultant’s fees as stipulated in IMPFA, as to be incorporated herein as ANNEX C.

  • Step H:

  • Seller and Buyer continue the tranches until the contract total of BTC is completed and for any agreed upon rolls and extensions. 

  • End of Tranche.     

  • Steps A-H to be continued until total BTC of this SPA has been delivered, and any rolls and extensions are complete.


Interested parties should contact :

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