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NEW: 70K-250K BTC @ -6% Gross, -3% Net, SBLC, Bank De Panama, or DB, Germany - Look For Seller


Post: 5.12.22


  • Buyer is buying 70K-250K BTC @ -6% Gross, -3% Net 

  • Buyer = 3%

  • Buyerside = 1.5% 

  • Sellerside = 1.5% 

  • PROCEDURE :​​​​

  • 1. SPA : POF from the Buyer 

  • 2. Satoshi : From the Seller (eg In the previous time, the Buyer didn't receive Satoshi and just relied on the video, finally after swift, all of us traced in the swift system. The seller played with buyer. I hope you understand what I mean. Buyer wants to buy BTC but he can't take any risk with fake sellers. The Buyer needs Satoshi before MT760. You know MT760 has a cost for the Buyer.) 

  • 3. MT760 : SBLC from the Buyer. (Buyer will issue MT760 bank to bank via swift to verify by the Buyer's bank and then transferring BTC.)

  • 4. Transferring BTC : Coins moved by the Seller

  • 5. MT103 : Buyer releases Payment to the Seller. ​


Interested parties should contact :

NEW: 50K BTC with R&E @ -5% Gross, -2% Net, B2B, Escrow, Goodwin Procter, Signature Bank, JP Morgan, Deutsche Bank, HSBC Bank, NY, Germany, Europe.   - Look For Seller


Post: 20.5.22


  • Buyer is looking for 50K BTC with R&E @ -5% gross, -2% net


  • Buyer = 2%

  • Buyer side = 1.5% (closed)

  • Seller side = 1.5% 


  • A Buyer would like to buy 50K BTC with R&E. This party also has deep pockets.

  • Should be a B2B or escrow deal via Goodwin Procter or any reputable international law firm. 

  • Transactions  in US = Signature Bank and JP Morgan NY

  • Transactions in Germany = Deutsche Bank

  • Transactions in Europe = HSBC Bank


Interested parties should contact :

NEW: 150K BTC @ +5% Gross, +8% Net, Cash, F2F, Bank, München(Munich), Germany  - Look For Seller


Post: 14.5.22


  • Buyer is looking for 150K BTC @ +5% gross, +8% net

  • Buyer pays:+8%( +5% for the seller; 1.5%+1,5% for intermediaries)


  • Buyer = +8% premium

  • Seller = 5% (Paid by Buyer)

  • Buyer side = 1.5% (Paid by Buyer)

  • Seller side = 1.5% (Paid by Buyer)​

  • Min = 5,000 BTC


  • We are looking for a BTC seller for cash,( Cash is legal from Casino).

  • München(Munich), Germany: Location is not negotiable because the money is in the bank tresor( bank officer is the mandate)

  • My lawyer has direct contact with a bank officer.

  • The BTC seller can give a Letter of Invitation on his name.

  • Looking for sellers who are ready to meet F2F in München


Interested parties should contact :

NEW: 75K BTC @ -7% gross, -4% net, Lawyer, Norlaw, Germany - Look For Seller

(Buyer :  AWIL...SEM-gail)

Post: 18.10.21

  • A buyer from Germany is looking for 75K BTC  @ -7% gross, -4% net

  • Buyer = 4% 

  • Sellerside = 1% 

  • Buyerside = 1% 

  • Facilitators = 1%

  • Minimum = 3000 BTC



  • Buyer representative, NORLAW GmbH 

  • BTC seller must sign contract and send it back to NORLAW GmbH, including CIS, passport copy and POC (Proof of Coins).

  • NORLAW GmbH, will do a short DD and the send an invitation to seller for TTM in lawyer`s office in Germany 

  • During TTM NORLAW GmbH will show POF and BTC will be transferred into lawyer`s wallet (Details shown in draft contract). Alternative, BTC also can be forwarded via a Ledger Nano Stick. This detail can be discussed between the parties in TTM.

  • NORLAW GmbH arrange the immediate payment via money transfer to sellers account

  • Ownership of BTC will transferred to buyer (Buyer`s Wallet).


Interested parties should contact :

NEW: 540 BTC @ -1% gross, +2% net, B2B, Germany - Look For Seller

(Buyer:  XJ  NO-Tele)

Post: 9.6.21


  • Buyer in Germany is looking for 540 BTC @ -1%gross, +2% net

  • Buyer = +2% premium

  • Buyerside = 1.5%

  • Sellerside = 1.5%​​




  • Bank Statement

  • Contract

  • Prove of coin:

  • Seller creates a new wallet on

  • A video call with the buyer to confirm that the new wallet is not a duplicate and it is doesn’t contain flash bitcoins or imported funds...

  • After the call, the seller sends first tranche amount of bitcoins to the new wallet he created after which sends a screenshot showing prove of full confirmation on the new wallet. This proves coin availability, wallet control and we’re certain they’re not flash coins.

  • Upon completion of POC the buyer proceeds to initiate payment (wire transfer) to the designated seller account.

  • Bitcoins are sent to buyer after the seller receives and confirms payment.


Interested parties should contact :

NEW: 100K BTC @ -6% gross, -3% net, F2F, Zurich, Germany - Look For Seller

(Seller :  US  GS-Gail)

Post: 28.5.21


  • A Buyer is looking for 100K BTC @ -6%gross, -3% net

  • Buyer = 3%

  • Buyerside = 1.5%

  • Sellerside = 1.5%



  • Buyer wants to do  F2F in Zurich, for 100K BTCs

  • He's already shown POF 

  • TBA


Interested parties should contact :

NEW: 70K-100K BTC @ -6% gross, -3% net, B2B, Deutsche Bank, Frankfurt, Germany, Europe - Look For Seller

(Buyer : XS....BL-Gail)

Post: 26.5.21


  • A Buyer is looking for 70K-100K BTC @ -6% gross, -3% net

  • Buyer = 3%

  • Buyerside = 1.5%

  • Sellerside = 1.5% 

  • First tranche = 100 BTC

  • Subsequent tranches = 5000 BTC per day


  • Ledger to ledger or bank to bank

  • MT199 (optional) to send from buyer ́s bank to seller ́s bank to confirm buyer ́s availability of funds

  • Seller to setup an account at the Deutsche Bank in Frankfurt, Germany or Europe

  • Payment in Euro/USD dollar.


Interested parties should contact :

NEW: 200K BTC @ -6% gross, -3% net, B2B, MT799, MT103/72, Germany - Look For Seller

(Buyer: JS QP)

Post: 9.5.21

  • A Buyer in Germany is looking for 200K BTC @ -6% gross, -3% net

  • Buyer = 3%

  • Buyerside = 1.5% 

  • Sellerside = 1.5%​

  • Minimum buy 50K BTC


  • 1. Seller and buyer get on zoom intro call

  • 2. Buyer and seller exchange info/contract

  • 3. Buyer does bank to bank POF via MT799

  • 4. Seller does POC via Satoshi

  • 5. Buyer does 103/72 conditional payment bank to bank

  • 6. Seller transfer coin in one or several transfers based on buyer preference. 

  • 7. Buyer banker releases payment on delivery of coin


Interested parties should contact :


VERY URGENT: 320K BTC @ -3% gross, -0% net, Deutsche Bank, Germany - Look For Seller

(Buyer: AO KO)

Post: 8.9.2019

  • I am direct to buyer mandate who is a friend of Buyer

  • 320KBTC Needed. Buyer buys at Spot price. -3% gross, 0% net, 3% brokers

  • Buyer side = 1.5%

  • Seller side = 1.5% 


  • We will send a Manual Download MT103/202 Using DEUTSCHE BANK AG Germany. 

  • CIS Available. Will need seller CIS to be Able to upload funds. €3Billion for 320K BTC Spot Price.

  • We will send Swift on Monday and funds delivers on Tuesday.

  • Please this is a manual download fund. Doesn't take 3 days.

  • Seller must confirm with Bank if They can download funds from the server using Alliance lite 2 system.

  • Please we will need Satoshi after funds has been sent. 

  • Then after funds is downloaded Seller sends COINS to Buyer before the Buyer release the Final code/Release Code to the seller to unblock funds.

  • This is very easy to close so far sellers bank can download funds via Alliance lite 2 system. 

  • Please NO POF/POC ARGUMENT. Whenever seller confirm funds then POC then Coins.

  • I'll send in Contract for if needed.


Interested parties should contact : 


NEW: 5000+ BTC @ -3% gross, -1% net, Face2Face, Germany- Look For Seller

(Buyer: A Z)

Post: 10.2.2019

  • Buyer rep is direct to Buyer in Germany

  • Min 5000+ BTC, -3% gross, -1% net

  • 1. Buyer and seller sign the procedure document.

  • 2. The buyer and the seller meet in the seller's area, which has been agreed in advance.

  • 3. At the meeting buyer show POF first.

  • 4. After checking the POF, the seller should create a new blockchain wallet. The wallet has to be presented on a mobile phone, simply scan the QR code.

  • 5 After scanning the QR code, the buyer will send 0.5 test BTC to the new wallet just created by the seller.

  • 6 After receiving the test BTC from the buyer, the seller should send it back to the buyer's wallet.

  • 7 The seller transfers bitcoins equal to the agreed amount to his new just created wallet.

  • 8 The buyer checks the new wallet address in the blockchain and checks whether the coins have already been transferred to the seller's new wallet.

  • 9 After verification, the buyer transfers money equal to the amount of BTC in the new wallet to the seller's Bank account.

  • 10 The seller confirms that the money has arrived in his Bank account and then transfers the coins from his new wallet to the buyer's wallet.

  • 11 Steps 7, 8, 9, 10 repeat until the closing of the transaction.

  • 12 The Commission must be paid to the agents under the contract IMFPA.

  • Non Performance conditions:  If after the arrival of the buyer, the seller does not fulfil the conditions specified in the procedure, it is obliged to pay a penalty of 10,000 euros to the buyer. If the buyer does not fulfil the conditions, it is obliged to pay a penalty of 10,000 euros to the seller


Interested parties should contact :