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OTCbid - Artificial Intelligence Crypto Assets Continue to Surge, Accounting for $4 Billion in Market Value














" Past data show that we are approaching one of the best times to buy Bitcoin.











Following a brief downturn in mid-February 2023, artificial intelligence (AI) crypto assets have continued to see gains over the last 30 days. Currently, out of 74 listed AI-focused cryptocurrencies, the net value of all these tokens has risen to more than $4 billion, which accounts for 0.37% of the entire crypto economy’s value.

Majority of Listed AI Cryptocurrencies See Positive Gains Over Last Month

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been a dominant theme in 2023, resulting in a significant surge in the value of AI-focused tokens this year. News reported on the rise of these cryptocurrencies at the end of January, and despite a brief pullback in mid-February, AI crypto assets have continued to see gains throughout the month.

According to data from, 74 AI-centric digital currencies are now worth $4.03 billion, accounting for 0.37% of the overall crypto market and 1.19% of the smart contract token market. Moreover, the majority of the 74 listed cryptocurrencies associated with artificial intelligence have experienced positive gains in the last month.

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Source: Bitcoin


-0% Gross, +3% Net, USDT/BTC, TTM, Escrow, JP Morgan

NEW: 14000+ BTC @ -0% Gross, +3% Net, USDT/BTC, TTM, Escrow, JP Morgan - Look For Seller


Post: 2.3.23


  • A verified Buyer is looking for 14000+ BTC @ -0% Gross, +3% Net 

  • Buyer = +3% 

  • Buyerside = 1.5% (paid by buyer) 

  • Sellerside = 1.5% (paid by buyer)

  • Looking for a real Seller of USDT or BTC.

  • Buyer is willing to send CIS and POF with more than US$350M at JP Morgan to prove financial capacity,

  • Willing to pay Market Rate: +3% for Commissions

  • Need $1.00 Satoshi/USDT Test before they start the Transaction. 


  • Their Procedures are flexible - F2F, TTM, Escrow etc

  • Require seller to send one USDT or Satoshi from his *private wallet* *with minimum $10M value in USDT or BTC* for him to proceed. This is the only requirement but essential to proceed​​


Interested parties should contact :

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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