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OTCbid - We Asked ChatGPT How High Can Bitcoin Go During the Next Bull Market















" With Bitcoin’s price on the move, we decided to ask ChatGPT how high it can get during the next bull run.


Bitcoin’s price has been on the move throughout the past 24 hours and managed to increase to around $28,000.

This comes on the back of millions worth of liquidated short positions and an increased trading volume across the board.


As the market sentiment betters, we decided to take the opportunity to poke ChatGPT’s artificial brains on a matter that many are curious about – how high can Bitcoin’s price get throughout the next bull run?

But before that, it’s important to answer another important question.

When Will the Next Bitcoin Bull Run Begin?

Before finding out about potential price targets, it’s worth understanding when will the Bitcoin bull run start in the first place.


There’s been a lot of speculation on this particular topic, but ChatGPT points out some important considerations to keep in mind when narrowing down the window for its start.

According to the AI, some of the most important factors to determine the beginning of the next bull run include:

  • Adoption and Use Cases

  • Institutional Investment

  • Regulation

  • Macro-Economic Factors

  • Technological Developments

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Source:​ Cryptopotato



-10% Gross, -5% Net, USDT ERC-20 or TRC-20 swap for BTC

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Post: 1.10.23


  • Seller is selling 1000 BTC @ -10% Gross, -5% Net.


  • (1) Seller send Satoshi from 26 BTC wallet 

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  • (3) Seller sends BTC per payment received 

  • For the following tranches the Seller will load the small wallet with the amount of BTC per tranche the Buyer requires. (100/200/500/1000) from the following master BTC wallet: 

  • *23921 BTC*   with 10 transactions


  • NOTE:

  • Payment can be from exchange wallet also. No minimum USDT amount. 

  • To start the process: 

  • Buyer USDT payment wallet/ BTC Satoshi receiving wallet and SPA filled out.


Interested parties should contact :

Fashion Girl


-10% Gross, -5% Net, USDT ERC-20 or TRC-20 swap for BTC




Email :

DM Raymond Chai (on Linkedin)  -

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