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NEW: 50K-250K BTC @ -6% Gross, -3% Net, Escrow, Michael Perry, US  - Look For Seller

(Buyer ; SM TM -TELE)

Post: 2.7.22


  • Buyer is buying 50K-250K BTC @ -6% gross, -3% net


  • Buyer = 3%

  • Sellerside. = 1.5%

  • Buyerside = 1.5% ​​​


  • 1. Buyer and Seller sign a contract between both parties with their full passport copy.

  • 2. Upon confirmation of the signed CONTRACT between both parties, Seller and Buyer agree on day and time for Zoom call if necessary.

  • 3. The Buyer will demonstrate availability of funds in his account (POF) then Seller demonstrates POC via the wallet balance screen-shot or Wallet Balance VIDEO with buyer’s name as code on paper with dates; After exchange of the POC/POF, the Parties will conduct the trial transaction as below.

  • 4. SELLER will do any of the 3 PROOF OF COIN options;

  • OPTION 1:

  • The Seller delivers the wallet to His nominated Escrow Attorney lawyer in Charge. This means Seller Transfer the Blockchain Bitcoins Escrow Wallet Private Keys to Escrow Attorney containing not less than the BTC Total amount of the first tranche or more. The Escrow Lawyer will show the Blockchain wallet balance to buyer upon receipt with Screen-shot  and buyer name written on paper and date. As a POC. 

  • OPTION 2:

  • Seller Will populate Bitcoin into one of his transactional wallet with wallet address/QR code, then, sends it to the Buyer for validation on blockchain explorer. As a POC.  

  • OPTION 3: 

  • Buyer Side representative or Buyer could send a small amount of BTC as a test to seller nominated transactional wallet, whereby, seller will confirm the receipt of the small amount of BTC's received sent by buyer into his (seller's) wallet transactions history as a proof of wallet control. As a POC.( Note: Seller will not send satoshi to buyers wallets for our security purposes.)

  • 5.  Upon confirmation by the Buyer that any of Options above (No.4) procedures is confirmed within 24hrs, the Buyer will Transfer the funds from his account (ANNEX B) via TT WIRE transferred into Sellers nominated account via attorney escrow account. Buyer must submit his full CIS for the SELLER & ESCROW Attorney.  before wire transfer is completed an proper invoice will be created as an special purpose of funds. The Attorney must verify the funds ARE CLEAN AND CLEAR. E.g. [Annex A].

  • After funds verification and confirmation, the ESCROW Attorney  will transfer Buyer’s funds to Seller nominated Bank accounts.  (ANNEX B) to cover the cost of the first Tranche. Note: The Seller will not authorize the Escrow Attorney to release the BTC to buyer’s wallet until the Funds is posted into the Seller’s Nominated accounts.

  • Upon confirmation of the received funds, the BUYER chooses to receive BTCs from (1) of the following options: 

  • Option 1: Seller will authorize the Escrow Attorney) to send the BTC to Buyer’s wallet. These agreed BTC quantities are equivalent to the amount of funds stated and agreed in the contract.

  • Option 2: Seller will send the Bitcoins to Buyer’s Wallet from another wallet Address in the same Blockchain system.

  • 6.  Buyer shall confirm he receives the BTC's with all necessary complete confirmations in his wallet. Then the Seller pays all the mandates and intermediaries commissions by BTC’s or in cash T/T wire transfer to both sides respectively.  This is the end of the first tranche transaction according to this agreement.


Interested parties should contact :

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