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OTCbid - Bitcoin to $2.3 Million? ARK Invest Doesn't Exclude This





















" In its Big Ideas 2024 report, ARK Invest has unveiled significant insights into the future of Bitcoin, suggesting an optimal allocation proportion of 19.4% within the global investment portfolio. This marks a substantial increase from the 0.5% allocation observed in 2015, indicating growing recognition of Bitcoin's role on the broader investment landscape.

The report posits that allocating just 1% of the $250 trillion global investable asset base to Bitcoin could potentially drive its price to $120,000. However, the more noteworthy projection arises with a 19.4% allocation, forecasting a potential price of $2.3 million. While these figures may raise eyebrows, they underscore the evolving perception of Bitcoin as a legitimate asset class.

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Source: U TODAY


NEW: 37K BTC @ -5% Gross, -3% Net, BTC/USDT, Cyrpto 2 Crypto, Canada - Look For Buyer 


Post: 2.2.24


  • Seller is selling 37K BTC @ -5% Gross, -3% Net.


  • Buyer = 3%

  • Sellerside =1% (closed)

  • Buyerside =1%​​​

  • Minimum Tranche = 1000 BTC


  • 1 Purchase Order (P.O)

  • - Buyer issues its Purchase Order with formal request to purchase BTC against USDT by tranche schedule and date to start, accepting these procedures which will be included in its purchase order fully.

  • - Buyer issues its wallet with a minimum quantity of USDT for at least 5000 BTC equivalent, better higher if there is interest in very large quantity deals over 100, 000 BTC. -

  • This Purchase Order needs to be delivered to the attention of Ms M and Mr R for approval and execution of Handshakes ( next point)

  • 2 Handshake between buyer and seller.

  • - Buyer purchases a specific amount from the seller's wallet (example: 34.16 sellers TRC20 returns into buyer BTC wallet same value)

  • 3 Satoshi

  • - Satoshi code from buyers TRC20 transaction wallets with high proof of funds or more.

  • 4 Invoice Contract

  • - Seller Purchase/Sale operation will start to issue and invoice-contract approval to transact, operating at specific day Canadian time zone with 

  • 5 Full Seller Detail.

  • - Sellers full details will be available on the Invoice.

  • 6 Calls and or Communications between buyer and seller

  • - If the buyer will need a call we will arrange a time always after handshake to avoid any losing face on both sides.



Interested parties should contact :



-5% Gross, -3% Net, BTC/USDT, Cyrpto 2 Crypto, Canada



Email :

DM Raymond Chai (on Linkedin)


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