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Big Four Company EY Takes Wavespace Utility to the Metaverse - Bitcoin

Big Four Company KPMG to Examine New Business Models in the Metaverse - Bitcoin 

Immersed Metaverse Market Map

“The global Metaverse Market was valued at $62.1 Billion in 2021, and it is estimated to be valued over USD 1.6374 Trillion by 2030”, according to Precedence Research. -



 Rejolut - Top 30 NFT Use Cases - Nov 2022

- Digital Art
- Collectibles
- Gaming
- Real Estate
- Sports

- Avatars and PFP
- Entertainment
- Logistics
- Fashion Industry
- Community Platforms

- Fintech
- Events and Tickets
- Virtual Reality
- Supply Chains
- Photography

- Brand Identity
- DeFi
- Travel Industry
- Hotel and Hospitality Industry
- Domain Names

- Academic and Digital Credentials
- Wine Industry
- Political
- Architecture
- Literature and Books

- Healthcare
- Fundraising
- Digital Twin
- Artificial Intelligence (AI)
- Social Media  

➡️ Summary

📍 NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, became a popular topic in 2021's digital world, comprising digital music, trading cards, digital art, and photographs of animals. The world's most expensive NFT, "First 5000 Days" by Beeple, which cost 69 million US dollars, made news in March 2021.

📍 The number of "NFT" searches on Google increased as a result of this transaction, creating a "NFT fever." Based on an examination of the volume of Google searches for the term "NFT," Statista found that China is the nation with the greatest interest in NFTs.

📍 China is followed in terms of search volume by Singapore, Venezuela, and Hong Kong. China's interest in NFTs comes as no surprise NonFungible estimates that the market for NFTs would be worth over USD 15 billion in 2021, up 229 times (22,851%) from USD 67 million the year before. The 20- foldgrowth in NFT accounts—which rose from86,740 in 2020 to 1,976,256 the followingyear— reflects this astounding increase in interest.

📍 According to NonFungible, the market for NFTs was worth more than USD 15 billion in 2021, increasing 229-fold (22,851%) from USD 67 million the previous year. This incredible spike in interest is mirrored in the 20-fold increase in NFT accounts, which increased from 86,740 in 2020 to 1,976,256 just a year later.

📍 Digital tokens, however, are not brand-new. One of the first NFTs, CryptoKitties, a product that integrates randomly generated cat images, started selling in 2017. The use cases included show how NFTs work and how they will affect specific industries.


Source: Peter Bergstrom

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Founder CEO BitBlock Ventures | 40k+ | 25 yrs Game Publishing + 8 yrs Crypto & Blockchain | web3 Investor & Advisor --> Cryptocurrencies | DeFi | TGEs (ICO+IEO+IDO) | Tokenomics | GameFi | Play & Earn | NFTs

  • BitBlock Ventures

  • Stanford University







🏦 Fintech
- Robinhood web3 Wallet
- Plaid wallet connect
- Stripe stablecoin payouts
- Nubank virtual assets
- Venmo cash for crypto
- Twitter NFT and Wallet

🏎 Automotive
- NFTs: Lamborghini, Ferarri, Porsche, Mercedes, Alfa Romeo, Chevrolet, Bentley, McLaren, Rolls-Royce, Nissan, Lykan, DeLorean, Hot Wheels (which cars aren’t NFTs at this point?)
- Renault digital cars
- Hyundai community NFTs

🏈 Sports
- NFL Crypto Bowl, Fanatics, blockchain sponsorships
- NBA Top Shot NFTs
- MLB NFT Baseball Cards, Fanatics
- NHL Sweet NFTs
- UFC Strike
- Soccer Sorare Collect & Trade

🌐 Consumer
- Shopify NFT stores
- Salesforce web3 CRM
- Walmart blockchain invoices
- Shoe NFTs: Nike, Adidas, Asics
- Food NFTs: McDonals, Coca Cola, Taco Bell
- Fashion NFTTs: Gucci, Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabanna, Ray Ban, Forever 21

👥 Social
- Instagram NFTs
- GameStop NFT Wallet
- Mastercard crypto communities

🍿 Entertainment
- Warner Music NFTs on OpenSea
- DC Comics NFTs
- Disney web3 experience

💳 Loyalty
- Starbucks NFT loyalty
- Reddit NFT Communities
- Emirates NFT Communities
- Etihad token

🔩 Infrastructure
- Google eth nodes
- Amazon Managed nodes
- Oracle Enterprise Blockchain
- Cloudflare IPFS gateway

Source: Glenn Rachlin - Sales & Partnerships at Alchemy | Prev. AWS, EMC, IBM, Bitcoin class of 2013



Web3 has less than 100 real deal makers.

But when you find them, keep them close.

Andrew Klein is one of them.

We feature him on this week’s NFT Heat TV show.

He works at web3 mass adoption powerhouse Sweet.

Sweet was recently ranked one of LinkedIn's top 50 start-ups.

It is also home of one of my favorite people in web3, Raymond Lew.

This is one episode you don’t want to miss.

Andrew absolutely brought the web3 heat!
Justin Shenkarow and I can't thank him enough.
There’s only one goal with NFT Heat:
Elevate, educate, and empower everyone in web3!
The episode is now live on SpotifyApple, and ALTRD.TV.

NFT Heat TV show and podcast links for Andrew Klein:

ALTRD.TV link:

Spotify and Apple podcasts link:

Source Linkedin:

John Kraski

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Ex: Mark Cuban and Benchmark Venture Backed Start-Ups I LinkedIn Top Voice 2022 I Co-Founder, Good Morning Web3 Live I Director of Strategic Partnerships, LandVault I Host, NFT Heat Podcast



  • 15.10.22 - 100 Most Active Venture Capital Firms - Google


  • 7.8.22 - NFTs are coming for the loyalty perks programs at brands like Budweiser - CNBC

Here's how to avoid launching another useless token.


Here's how to avoid launching another useless token.

By: Kareem Bayoun

Can we agree on the fact that no one wants to spend hours deciphering blockchain jargon, just to own a digital asset that might be worth something, someday?

Now that's out of the way, let's get to the vital questions before launching your token.

Does your token have a purpose in your product ecosystem?

If yes, keep reading.

Tokens and NFTs can add a new layer of trust, security, and transparency to legacy systems and industries, but before deciding which one is right for your use case, does it add unnecessary complexity?

No one wants to be sold a "revolutionary" new way to make everything more complicated - by adding tokens to it.

So, follow this process.

1. Identify your use case.
2. Decide on the type of token. (Fungible vs. Non-Fungible)
3. Design Tokenomics 👇

Step 1: Define Token Utility and Workflow

i. Who uses the token in your project? (Actors)
ii. Why should they use it? (Incentives)
iii. How can they use it? (Actions)

Workflow is every ''in and out'' flow of tokens in the system.

👉 There should be more ins than outs.
👉 Circulation volume must be high enough.
👉 Vesting period is long enough to avoid early investors from dumping on everyone else.

Step 2: Token Basics
A. Which #blockchain? (Ethereum / Binance Smart Chain / etc.)
B. How much is the Supply?
C. Transaction fees (How much % of each txn goes back to the token creators?)

Step 3: Decide on Model: Inflationary vs. Deflationary vs. Mixed

Step 4: Add Incentives


Tl;dr: For a #token to be successful, it must be:

-Useful in the ecosystem: Without it, the ecosystem won't function.
-Inflationary resistant.
-Has enough liquidity.
-Has motivational incentives to be used by the ecosystem holders.

After answering that, you'll be on your way to creating a healthy economy around your real-life use case.

Bonus: Tokens aren't the solution. Your product is.

Tokens are a way to create more equitable ecosystems between creators and network participants, one where value is shared rather than dominated by a few.


Kareem Bayoun

  2nd degree connection2nd

Web3 & GTM Advisor @ VanEck || Founder @ Brandverse || Connecting the dots between Web2 and Web3


  • " What do consulting companies say about the metaverse?
    Here is my master list of the best 15 reports of 2022.
    Which one is your favorite? Which one is missing?

    To me the reports help to get a feeling on the business of the projected market.
    If you really want to understand what is behind it, go "down the rabbit hole" and experience VR, connect with communities on discord & look into crypto.
    When you feel ready, try NFTs (but don´t invest much money, collect and learn first).

    If you are a marketing person, I suggest following people like Justin Peyton, Diego Borgo ᵍᵐ, Cathy Hackl, Jürgen Alker, Louis Schulze & Tibor Mérey, Oliver Scherenberg..." - Tim Walther

  • Accenture:
    „Meet me in the metaverse“

    Boston Consulting Group
    „A corporate hitchhikers guide to the metaverse"

    Boston Consulting Group (BCG) & Highsnobiety
    "The dawn of luxury 3.0"

    „The Metaverse Overview"

    Deloitte China
    „Metaverse report - Future is here“

    Deloitte US
    „Exploring the met averse and what it could mean for you“

    "How will you seize real opportunities in tomorrow’s virtual world?"

    "If the metaverse is intristically anonymous, how do you encode trust?"

    J. P. Morgan
    „Opportunities in the metaverse“

    „The future of Extended Reality"

    McKinsey & Company:
    "Value creation in the metaverse"

    Media Monks:
    „Making sense of the metaverse“

    „Demystifying the Metaverse“

    „The future of digital assets in sports“

    Wunderman Thompson 
    " Into the metaverse"

    "The marketers roadmap to the metaverse"


  • 25.6.22 - American Eagle Outfitters launches NFT Apparel Shop - RETAILDIVE

  • 25.6.22 - Puma makes big Web3 push as sports brands go all-in on the metaverse - Vogue 

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  • 24.2.22 - FTX takes aim at the $300 billion luxury goods market and hires a beauty entrepreneur to head the push - BI

  • 24.2.22 - Retailers seek real-world profits in the metaverse - FT

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  • 17.2.22 - McDonald's Discovers the Golden Ticket to Making Money in the Metaverse - Inc 

  • 17.2.22 - $1T opportunity: JPMorgan becomes first major bank in the metaverse - Cointelegraph

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  • 28.11.21 - Metaverse Gaming, NFTs Could Account for 10% of Luxury Market by 2030: Morgan Stanley  - Coindesk

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  • The Top 5 Metaverse Trends In 2023 ⭐️

    ✅ Metaverse as a New Marketing Channel

    📍As with search engines and social media (the technological enablers of web 1.0 and 2.0), marketing and advertising will provide the fuel that will boost web 3.0 - the metaverse - into the mainstream.

    📍 The concept may not have completely coalesced yet, but businesses from giants of international finance like HSBC and JP Morgan to global lifestyle and fashion powers like Nike and Gucci have already staked their claim and begun building their metaverse presence. 

    ✅ The Corporate Metaverse

    📍 Aside from its power as a marketing tool, the metaverse promises to provide platforms, tools, and entire virtual worlds where business can be done remotely, efficiently, and intelligently.

    📍 We can expect to see the metaverse concept merge with the idea of the “digital twin” – virtual simulations of real-world products, processes, or operations that can be used to test and prototype new ideas in the safe environment of the digital domain.

    ✅ Web3 and Decentralization

    📍 One vision of the shape that the metaverse will eventually take revolves around decentralization.

    📍 According to the proponents of web3, distributed ledgers and blockchain technology will give rise to a new internet outside of the control of global corporations, which will no longer hold the power to censor opinions they don’t agree with or pull the plug if they want to take someone offline entirely.

    ✅ Virtual and Augmented Reality

    📍 The idea of immersive, experiential technology is central to the metaverse – whatever it ends up looking like, it will be more engaging than the digital worlds we are used to today (such as Facebook or the World Wide Web).

    📍 Therefore, many ideas of how we will interact with it involve immersive technology such as virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed/extender reality (MR/XR).

    ✅ More Advanced Avatar Technology

    📍 Many ideas of what the metaverse will involve us adopting avatars that represent us in the digital world.

    📍 Just as we are used to playing characters in video games or expressing our persona in social media, the avatar is the presence that we project as we engage and interact with other users – they might look like us, or like cartoon characters, or like something completely fantastic that could never exist in the real world.



Peter Bergstrom - Linkedin

Founder CEO BitBlock Ventures | 40k+ | 25 yrs Game Publishing + 8 yrs Crypto & Blockchain | web3 Investor & Advisor --> Cryptocurrencies | DeFi | TGEs (ICO+IEO+IDO) | Tokenomics | GameFi | Play & Earn | NFTs

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