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NEW: 200K BTC with R&E @ -10% Gross, -5% Net, USDT to BTC Swap, Perth, Massachusetts, Switzerland - Look For Buyer

(Seller ; PFLE... QER-TELE)

Post: 23.7.22


  • Seller is selling 200K+ BTC @ -10% gross, -5% net

  • Buyer = -4% 

  • Buyerside Consultants = 1.25%

  • Sellerside Consultants = 1.25% [Closed]. 

  • Sellerside Intermediary = 1.25% [Closed]

  • Buyerside Intermediary = 1.25% 

  • PAYMENT MODE : Payment shall be made USDT FOR BTC 


  1. USDT Provider and Bitcoin Provider sign this Agreement.

  2. If requested by either party, there shall be an initial Zoom call.

  3. USDT Provider sends to the BTC Provider’s wallet as POF, 1 BTC of USDT (from a wallet with a minimum of 1000 BTC worth)

  4. BTC Provider returns to USDT Provider’s wallet as POC, 1 of BTC (from a New walletwith a minimum of 1000 BTC)

  5. Both Principals onboard an escrow in preparation for swapping of USDT/BTC (Optional)

  6. Thereafter USDT Provider will then send USDT to the BTC Provider’s wallet the USDT based on the tranche schedule set forth herein as Exhibit “A”.

  7. First Tranche between buyer and seller will be 10 BTC.

  8. Once the BTC Provider confirms receipt of the USDT, the BTC Provider will immediately send Bitcoin to the USDT Provider’s wallet.

  9. Transactions will be daily per tranche schedule until all tranches are exhausted.


Interested parties should contact :

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