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OTCbid - NFT fashion hits the runway as designers launch in the Metaverse

























" Mainstream designers are debuting NFT collections in the Metaverse this year, demonstrating the future of fashion.

The rise of the Metaverse has resulted in an entirely new digital economy, one defined by virtual experiences and interactions. In turn, metaverse ecosystems consisting of avatars are also emerging, allowing individuals to express themselves through digital customizable 3D characters. This idea was recently broadcasted to the mainstream when Facebook’s parent company, Meta, introduced a series of inclusive avatars. 

While the Metaverse may sound futuristic, recent findings from technology research and consulting company Gartner predict that 25% of people will have spent at least one hour per day in the Metaverse by 2026. Gartner vice president Marty Resnick has also predicted that 30% of organizations worldwide will have products and services in the Metaverse by 2026.


Fashion NFTs are the next big trend

Given this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that digital fashion created for metaverse environments is also starting to unfold. Lokesh Rao, co-founder and chief operating officer of Trace Network Labs — a decentralized protocol enabling lifestyle and luxury brands to enter the Metaverse — told Cointelegraph that fashion has always been a way for people to express and carry themselves in the physical world. Yet, as it becomes more common for people to split their time between the physical world and the Metaverse, Rao believes that demand is growing for virtual luxury lifestyle goods. In particular, Rao mentioned that digital fashion in the form of nonfungible tokens, or NFTs, are starting to gain traction with major brands and high-end fashion designers:

“Fashion NFTs are simply tokenized outfits, accessories, textiles and other wearables that have been created to exist in virtual worlds. Their purpose is quite straightforward. They provide a way for us to express ourselves in the Metaverse.”

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Source: Cointelegraph



" We get asked for millions of BTC from billion-dollar companies. We can do it with multiple sellers and multiple wallets."

- OTCbid
 -4% Gross, -2% Net, B2B, Miami, Florida, USA


Buyer Mandates Only


NEW: 1000 BTC @ -4% Gross, -2% Net, B2B, Miami, Florida, USA - Look For Buyer


Post: 11.3.22

  • Seller is selling 1000 BTC @ -4% gross, -2% net

  • Seller from Miami, Florida.

  • Looking for a buyer from USA

  • The Seller is selling Bitcoin (BTC) legally; whereby all commercial transactions must be made via a Swift or Telegraphic Transfer (TT) to the Seller´s bank. Bitcoin owner will never release Bitcoin until the owner is sure the money is safe and secure with copy of Swift for verification via seller´s banker. The Seller does not accept face-to-face transactions with cash payments, nor does it engage in money laundering services.

  • Buyer = 2% 

  • Sellerside = 1% 

  • Buyerside = 1% 


  • Seller sends a draft SPA. Within 24 hours, buyer will fill out with Buyer´s required details, SIGN and return the SPA to the Seller. Within 24 hours, Seller will fill out all required details, SIGN and send back the SIGNED SPA on a PDF format.

  • A video call is made between buyer and seller.

  • Proof of funds (POF) and proof of coins (POC) will be exchanged during the video identity verification by the buyer and the seller as follows:

  1. Identity: Original Passport must be presented on video by both parties. Seller will ask for additional ID if necessary.

  2. Wallet: Buyer´s receiving  EMPTY wallet will be submitted privately to the Seller.

  3. Proof of funds (POF): Buyer will play the recorded Proof of Funds video(POF) of his/her bank account with Seller’s personalized given code.

  4. Proof of coins (POC): Seller will play the recorded proof of coins video (POC) with personalized code given by the buyer. (No Satoshi or A-B wallet test available).

  • Buyer´s Bank Officer will initiate an MT199 communication to Seller´s bank, informing the bank of the upcoming transfer with stated exact date of the transaction. 

  • Upon the confirmation of the Seller´s Bank Officer, Seller issues the invoice and Buyer pays the agreed amount of BTC using MT103 Cash Wire Transfer, or Telegraphic Transfer {TT}. Then provide the official bank slip to the seller.​

  • Upon the confirmation of the Seller´s designated bank of the confirmed cleared funds payment  by the Buyer to the Seller, the Seller will release the agreed amount of the BTC to the Buyer´s wallet, and then the Seller will send the screenshot to the Buyer as proof showing that the BTC has been sent.

  • Buyer has to wait until the six {6} confirmation has been achieved and the Bitcoin {BTC} is finally sitting in Buyer´s receiving wallet. Buyer will make it known to the Seller by providing the screenshot of the confirmed complete transfer.

  • Seller pays commission to all involved parties according to the annexed IMFPA-[Insert Code……], and move to the next tranche until contract is exhausted.

Interested parties should contact :

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