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OTCbid - Here’s why Bitcoin is closer to the greatest bull market of all time


























" Bloomberg Intelligence strategists are eyeing a potential Bitcoin bull run in the second half of 2022, according to Mike McGlone. Several indicators that predicted previous Bitcoin price rallies had hit similar levels as seen before a bull run begins. 

Bitcoin will outperform most assets in H2 2022, argue analysts

As analysts eye the potential performance of Bitcoin over the next six months of 2022, strategists at Bloomberg Intelligence do not doubt that BTC is ready for a price rally. Irrespective of short-term price action, Mike McGlone is bullish on Bitcoin price. Bitcoin is still on track to deliver nearly 20% gains in July 2022. This is a stark contrast throughout 2022. 

Analysts note that Bitcoin’s breakout to six-week highs on July 21 is the precursor and predict a breakout in the asset. In its monthly close, analysts identified the Bart Simpson formation, a short-term chart pattern that indicates a sharp price rally in Bitcoin. 

Based on on-chain data, Bitcoin is currently in the accumulation phase, and indicators like market value to realized value (MVRV) and long-term moving average crossovers signals are positive signs for a rally in the asset. 

Analysts consider the Puell Multiple a signal that Bitcoin is currently undervalued. Puell Multiple is an indicator that tracks the number of Bitcoins sold by miners in relation to the asset’s fair valuation. .'- Read Full Article

Source: FXstreet


7/4 to 10/7, F2F, B2B, L2L, Escrow2Escrow


Buyer Mandate Only

NEW: 50K-1000K BTC @ 7/4 to 10/7, F2F, B2B, L2L, Escrow2Escrow  - Look For Buyer

(Seller ; KFLE...QCR -TELE)

Post: 1.8.22


  • Seller is selling 50K-1000K BTC @ 7% / 4% to 10% / 7%

  • 50K - 100 K = 7/4 

  • 100K - 200K = 8/5

  • 200K - 500K = 9/6

  • 500K - 1000K =10/7



  • Options available for: 

  1. Face2Face

  2. Bank2Bank

  3. Ledger2Ledger

  4. Escrow2Escrow 


Interested parties should contact :

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