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OTCbid - Bitcoin buyers outrank sellers despite brutal market crash

























" Australian cryptocurrency investors are lining up to invest in Bitcoin and other digital assets despite a brutal market crash, with the number of local buyers on some exchanges outranking sellers five to one.

Crypto assets have had a torrid first half of the year, with the value of the biggest and most well-known cryptocurrency Bitcoin plunging over 50 per cent to $32,000 as concerns over rising interest rates and inflation spooked investors.

However, this hasn’t stopped buyers locally from trying to snap up cheap crypto. Caroline Bowler, chief executive at local cryptocurrency exchange BTCMarkets said there were currently five buyers for every one seller on the exchange’s Bitcoin markets.

“Clearly people are just not willing to sell at this price,” Bowler said. “They’re holding out for things to get better.”

Similarly, fellow Australian exchange Swyftx has seen more than double the number of buy orders over sell orders in the last three months, with the company’s head of strategic partnerships Tommy Honan saying it was clear sellers were holding fast.

“I’m not sure I can remember a single day this year where sell orders outnumbered buys. It does seem like a lot of battle-hardened crypto users are more than happy to ride out the market and just keep buying value where they see it,” he says.

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Source: smh

20K BTC buyER available

-5% Gross, -2% Net, USDT to BTC Swap, Escrow


Seller Mandate Only

NEW: 20K BTC @ -5% Gross, -2% Net, USDT to BTC Swap, Escrow  - Look For Seller


Post: 24.7.22


  • Buyer is buying 20K BTC @ -5% gross, -2% net



  • Buyer = 2% 

  • Sellerside. = 1.5%

  • Buyerside = 1.5% ​​​


  1. Initial Engagement - The SPA including IMFPA is signed by both parties.

  2. Proof of Funds - Recent screenshot of the buyer’s USDT wallet and wallet address.

  3. POC - a) Seller send screenshot of his BTC wallet and wallet address. b) Buyer conducts forensics (Coin Analysis Report).

  4. Transactional Procedure for Escrow:

  • a)  Seller and buyer appoint an escrow agent for the transaction(attorney preferably).

  • b)  Escrow agent creates a new Atomic wallet or Trust or Coinbase (decentralized wallet only for easier transaction). Once everything is confirmed.

  • c)  The buyer sends the first tranche of USDT to the escrow agent’s wallet.

  • d)  Escrow attorney confirms the receipt of USDT in his wallet and sends screenshots to the seller.

  • e)  Seller confirms and sends BTC to the buyer wallet directly or to the escrow attorney’s wallet then the escrows attorney sends to both parties.

  • f) Escrow agent must not be an attorney, can be an individual trusted and vetted by both parties but an attorney is preferred.

  • Steps 1 through 4 are repeated until the order is completed



Interested parties should contact :


  • Facebook
  • Twitter
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