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OTCbid - Bitcoin price eyes recovery as whales accumulate massive amounts of BTC
























" Bitcoin price rally could soon wipe losses of investors over the past two weeks. Analysts evaluate the Bitcoin price trend and set a bullish target at $47,000. 

Bitcoin price recovery could occur on one condition

Bitcoin’s high correlation with tech stocks and S&P 500 has been one of the key reasons for the recent pullback in price. Interestingly, proponents believe Bitcoin price is now in a position to recover from its drop in price, as large wallet investors buy the asset. 

Whales have started accumulating Bitcoin, through the recent dip. As large wallet investors add more Bitcoin to their portfolio, the assets supply on exchanges reduces. At the same time, there is a reduction in the circulating supply of Bitcoin. An increased demand for Bitcoin and massive exchange outflows are the two main reasons for the price rally. 

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Source: FXstreet


-7% Gross, -4% Net, Ledger2Ledger, Signature Bank, NY


Buyer Mandates Only

NEW:  20K-50K BTC @ -7% Gross, -4% Net, Ledger2Ledger, Signature Bank, NY - Look For Buyer


Post: 18.4.22


  • Seller is selling 20K-50K BTC @ -7% gross, -4% net


  • Buyer = 4%

  • Buyerside = 1%

  • Sellerside = 1% (closed)

  • Intermediaries = 1% 

  • First tranche = 1000 BTC

  • PROCEDURE:​​  

  • 1) Seller sends a draft SPA. Within 24 hours, Buyer will fill out with Buyer’s required details, SIGN and return the SPA to the Seller. Within 24 hours, Seller will fill out all required details, SIGN and send back the SIGNED SPA in PDF format.

  • 2) Proof of funds (POF): Buyer’s bank issues SWIFT MT199 POF to Seller’s bank. Seller ́s bank officer confirms receipt of the SWIFT MT199 POF. (For Ledger to Ledger, internal messaging between bank officers).

  • 3) Proof of coins (POC): Seller will show readiness to proceed for the first tranche by sending a Satoshi test from his wallet to Buyer´s wallet. Seller’s source wallet must contain at least 1,000 BTC.

  • 4) Buyer checks the legitimacy of Seller’s wallet(s).

  • 5) Seller issues the invoice and Buyer pays the agreed amount of BTC using Bank Wire, MT103 Cash Wire Transfer, Telegraphic Transfer (TT) or Ledger. Buyer provides official bank slip to Seller.

  • 6) Upon confirmation by Seller’s bank of clear receipt of payment, the Seller will release the agreed amount of BTC to Buyer’s wallet. Seller will then send a screenshot to the Buyer as proof that the BTC has been sent.

  • 7) Buyer waits for six {6} confirmations until the BTC is in the Buyer´s receiving wallet and sends Seller a screenshot confirming complete transfer.

  • 8) For additional tranches steps 5 – 8 will be repeated until the total contract volume is settled

  • Note: In case of non-performance by either Seller or Buyer, the non-performing party will be liable for 250 BTC payable to the other party to their designated wallet (s) or bank account and this contract will be deemed closed and settled immediately upon the receipt of BTC or funds.

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