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NEW : 500K+ BTC @ -10% gross, -5% net, Trust, Istanbul, Turkey - Look For Seller

(Buyer :  TSA USEE-Gail)

Post: 18.11.21


  • An Institutional Buyer(Trust), is looking for 500K BTC @ -10%gross, -5% net

  • This is a sophisticated Institutional Buyer, who's listed on the Borsa Istanbul stock exchange.

  • Buyer = 5%

  • Buyerside = 2% 

  • Sellerside = 2% ​​​​​

  • Intermediary = 1% (closed)


  • 1. The Trust (BUYER) will open a USD Online Account for  SELLER.  The SELLER will receive Login credentials to see his account. 

  • 2. The BUYER shall credit SELLER's account with 100% USD  equivalent of 5,000 BTC less Discount .  

  • 3. The SELLER shall transfer the BTCs to the Trust's designated Wallet . 

  • 4. The BUYER shall Credit/Debit USD to adjust to final Price. (Price is set as soon as the BTC hits THE BUYERS wallet)

  • 5. The SELLER will send instructions through his online account to wire out the money.

  • We are direct to our Buyer. We can take whatever they have - huge appetite.


Interested parties should contact :

NEW: 60K BTC @ -8% Gross, -2% Net, Bank, Turkey  - Look For Seller

(Buyer :  VA SA)

Post: 24.7.2020

  • I'm direct to rep who is direct to mandate of btc buyer

  • A new buyer wishes to buy 60K BTC at -8% gross, -2% net

  • Buyerside = 3 % 

  • Sellerside = 3 %



  • 1. BTC provider will send Satoshi from his main wallet to Euro provider’s wallet .

  • 2. Both parties will sign contract .

  • 3. Euro provider will send fund by MT 199/103-72 to BTC provider

  • By sending MT199/103 will transfer money to BTC provider account and then after receiving BTC to Euro provider he will release money by 72 .

  • Bank in Turkey

  • First tranche 1000-10000 BTC



Interested parties should contact :

NEW: 1000 BTC @ -3% gross, -1% net,  F2F, B2B, Istanbul, Turkey - Look For Seller

(Buyer :  AM....KH)

Post: 19.10.2019

  • A Buyer is looking for 1000 BTC at -3% gross, -1% net, 2% brokers

  • Buyerside = 1%

  • Sellerside = 1%

  • Procedure F2F, B2B 

  • Transaction in Istanbul


Interested parties should contact:


NEW: 100K BTC with R&E @ -7% gross, -3% net, Bank2Bank, Kuveyt Turk Katilim Bank, Turkey - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  JKHA BYAS-tele)

Post: 30.11.21

  • A seller is selling 100K BTC with R&E @ -7% gross, -3% net​

  • Buyer = 3%

  • Buyer side = 2%

  • Seller side = 2%

  • First tranche = 1K-9K BTC

  • ​​​PROCEDURE: 

  1. Seller sends a draft SPA. Within 24 hours, Buyer will fill out with buyer ś required details, SIGN and return the SPA to the seller. Seller will within 24 hours fill out all required details, SIGN and send back the SIGNED SPA in a PDF format

  2. Buyer will provide PoF issued by Buyer’s Bank [MT199] showing enough balance to cover the first tranche. Seller will submit the signed SPA to the Buyer with a written statement from a reputable bank that the Seller is the owner of minimum of 100,000 BTC.

  3. The Buyer shall pay the Seller for each and all BTC purchases via Swift MT103 or MT103/202 cash transfer in EURO currency sent to the Seller nominated receiving bank account in accordance with the attached MT103 or MT103/202/72 Text approved by the Seller and Seller receiving Bank.

  4. For each sales tranche, the Seller shall issue a Pro-Forma Invoice showing a discounted Price - 7% gross -3% net, addressed to the Buyer quoting the agreed day’s market price for the BTC tranche quantities, and then the Buyer pays the invoice amount and the agreed Commission for each and every tranche to be paid by the Seller.

  5. The Seller shall then, after receipt and confirmation by Seller’s Bank that the funds from the Buyers Bank have been received, transfer via the Blockchain the appropriate number of BTC to the nominated Buyers Wallet accompanied by the Blockchain transfer slip. Buyer will confirm via Buye’r Bank the good receipt of the BTC complete with six [6] confirmations to can inform the Sellers bank of their authority to release the “202” Cover conditions and provide the release instruction code to credit the Sellers account with the value of the SWIFT MT MT103/202/72 as transmitted and recorded.

  6. The commission must be paid by seller to the agents under the IMFPA IC-MKTJ-100k- BTC-2021 listed in “Annex D”, which is included in this agreement.

  7. All subsequent tranche sale of BTC is conducted according to the foregoing formula and shall commence at each stage after the BTC have been irrevocably received by the Buyer and the Seller has received appropriate payment for each previous tranche and invoice issued.

  8. Upon completion of the transaction, both parties sign the affidavit of successful settlement.


Interested parties should contact :


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