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OTCbid - Bitcoin to $300,000 or $10,000? JP Morgan boss warns of something worse than recession


























" Jamie Dimon warned JP Morgan clients that a recession might be on the horizon, with a 20-30% chance something worse may occur. 

  • The Federal Reserve’s goal to lower inflation from 8% to 4% by the end of 2022 could be derailed in the event of an economic slowdown. 

  • While Skybridge Capital recently predicted a Bitcoin price rally to $300,000, analysts evaluate the likelihood of a correction in BTC. 

JP Morgan’s Jamie Dimon warned clients on a conference call of “something worse than recession” in the current economy. Dimon believes the likelihood of something worse than economic slowdown is 20-30%.


Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan, told clients in a recent conference call that there are storm clouds ahead. This implies despite the current robust state of the US economy, something worse than a recession is in the cards. Dimon believes the likelihood of a mild recession is 20% to 30%; a severe recession has similar odds as the Federal Reserve increased interest rates. " - Read Full Article

Source: FXstreet


-2% Net, F2F, USDT to BTC Swap, West Coast, Hamburg, Germany


Buyer Mandate Only

NEW: 44,000 BTC @ -5% Gross, -3% Net, USDT, Attorney, Escrow, USA - Look For Buyer

(Seller ; DJOH TB-TELE)

Post: 23.8.22


  • I am direct to Seller mandate who is direct to Seller

  • Seller is selling 44000 BTC @ -5% Gross, -3% Net.

  • Seller has closed a 655 BTC deal already

  • Buyer = 3% 

  • Buyerside = 1%

  • Sellerside = 1%



  • Step 1: Initial Engagement

  • The SPA including IMFPA is signed by both parties.

  • Step 2: Proof of Funds

  • Recent screenshot of the buyer’s USDT wallet and wallet address.

  • Step 3: Proof of Coins and Forensics

  • a) Seller send screenshot of his bitcoin wallet and wallet address.

  • b) Buyer conducts forensics (Coin Analysis Report).

  • Step 4: Transactional Procedure for Escrow

  • a) Seller and buyer appoint an escrow agent for the transaction(attorney preferably).

  • b) Escrow agent creates a new Atomic wallet or Trust or Coinbase (decentralized wallet only for easier

  • transaction) on the live zoom call for approval by the other party. Once everything is confirmed and wallet doesn’t have flash USDT or BTC

  • c) The buyer sends the first tranche of USDT to the escrow agent’s new wallet.

  • d) Escrow attorney confirms the receipt of USDT in his wallet and sends screenshots to the seller.

  • e) Seller confirms and sends BTC to the escrow attorney’s wallet then

  • the escrows attorney sends to both parties after forensics.

  • They can also work with buyer’s escrow if he’s licensed.

  • Seller can work with buyer’s escrow attorney​



Interested parties should contact :

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