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OTCbid - Bitcoin Bull Market Has Plenty of Steam Left, Indicators Suggest



" Bitcoin’s price has risen over 40% this month, reaching a new record of $66,879 on expectations the recently listed ProShares exchange-traded fund (ETF) tied to the cryptocurrency’s futures would bring more mainstream money into the market.

Such a steep ascent often has investors assessing whether the party is coming to a close, especially when popular technical indicators like the relative strength index (RSI) signal overbought conditions, as with bitcoin.

However, blockchain metrics like the market value-to-realized value (MVRV) Z-score and a lesser-known chart-based indicator, Mayer Multiple, suggest the bull run has plenty of steam left." - Read Full Article

Source: Coindesk


" We get asked for millions of BTC from billion-dollar companies. We can do it with multiple sellers and multiple wallets."

- OTCbid

-8 Gross, -5% Net, BitShield Wallet, MT 103/202, B2B, Bank2Bank

Seller Mandate Only


NEW: 100K BTC @ -8% gross, -5% net, BitShield Wallet, MT 103/202, B2B, Bank2Bank - Look For Seller


Post: 23.10.21


  • A Buyer is looking for 100K BTC @ -8%gross, -5% net

  • Buyer = 5%

  • Buyerside = 1.5% 

  • Sellerside = 1.5% ​

  • First tranche = 500 - 1,000 or 5,000 BTC



  • The seller is able to provide formal proof of the possession / existence of the BTC (via lawyer / trustee / escrow) and hereby expressly declares this with the ID number .................... from his Bit Shield wallet. Since several transactions are agreed, the seller undertakes to load the Bit Shield Wallet with the corresponding number of BTCs before each transaction, to report this to the lawyer / trustee / escrow and buyer and to allow it to be checked.

  • The ID number ................... of the Bit Shield Wallet is at the same time the contract number and the purpose for all transfers. The ID number must never be changed!

  • The contract must be fulfilled and executed by ................ The exact date will be agreed individually between the parties.

  • The seller sells the bitcoins in his name or on behalf of a consortium that collects the bitcoins and makes them available in a BitShield wallet. As soon as the buyer has paid the down payment in the amount of the current purchase price into an escrow account. Only then can the final processing be allowed.

  • In the unlikely event that this security deposit is not 100% provided, the contract cannot be fulfilled because the Bitcoin offered will then not be available on the seller's wallet. Both parties already agree today that this sales contract will then be invalid.

  • In return, the seller hereby grants the buyer an irrevocable right of first refusal to all available Bitcon.


Interested parties should contact :

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