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OTCbid - Bitcoin is finally trading like 'digital gold' – but only because nobody cares about crypto anymore
















" Bitcoin is finally behaving like gold – because interest in cryptocurrencies has dried up over the past year.


A gauge that measures the token's 30-day volatility is trading close to a five-year low, according to a recent report by Bloomberg citing data from digital assets research firm K33.


That means bitcoin is steadier than the S&P 500 benchmark of US-listed stocks, the tech-heavy Nasdaq Composite, and even gold.

However, trading volume for bitcoin has also faded to its lowest level since November 2020, per K33.


The data reflects the sad reality for digital-asset evangelists.

Institutional and retail investors alike turned away from the sector over what was a nightmarish 2022, when rapidly rising interest rates and the spectacular collapse of high-profile companies such as FTX cratered bitcoin's price.

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Source: Business Insider


100K BTC SELLER IN LISBON-10% Gross, -5% Net, USDT/BTC Swap, F2F, Lisbon, Portugal

NEW: 100K BTC @ -10% Gross, -5% Net, USDT/BTC Swap, F2F, Lisbon, Portugal - Look For Buyer

(Seller : GCD...X3D-TELE)

Post: 5.8.23

  • Seller is selling 100,000 BTC @ --10% Gross, 5% Net.

  • Looking for qualified USDT buyers of BTC that have accepted full procedures and willing to send a test of less than $32 from a wallet of $100M or more that they control.

  • Then, Seller will send 100 BTC first tranche for Buyer’s payment. BTC MOVES FIRST

  • Very simple procedure: everything done remotely; Seller does NOT want to get on a call

  • OPTIONAL: face-to-face meeting in Lisbon, Portugal

  • Buyer = 5%

  • Buyerside = 2.5%

  • Sellerside = 2.5%



  • PARTIES  WALLET ADDRESS APPROVALS:  USDT-ERC20 Provider sends USDT payment wallet address for approval by BTC Provider. USDT-ERC20 Provider Wallet must have a minimum balance of 100,000,000 USDT-ERC20 and fewer than 100 Transactions. 

  • BTC provider sends BTC payment wallet address for approval by the USDT Provider. BTC provider wallet will have fewer than 100 transactions.


  • USDT PROVIDER  HANDSHAKE:  USDT Provider sends the amount given by BTC provider from the approved USDT-ERC20 transactional wallet to Seller-provided USDT-ERC20 wallet.

  • BTC PROVIDER  FORENSICS:  After receipt of USDT, Provider runs forensics on USDT-ERC20 wallet within 1-2 hours. 

  • BTC PROVIDER  SENDS FIRST TRANCHE IN BITCOINS:  After USDT Provider has confirmed receipt of BTC handshake, then BTC Provider sends FIRST TRANCHE of 100 BTC to Buyer’s receiving BTC wallet.

  • USDT PROVIDER  SENDS PAYMENT IN USDT TO BTC BUYER:  USDT-ERC20 Provider does forensics & then sends Payment to BTC provider, as per for the received 100 BTC and as per tranche schedule within two hours of receiving BTC.  

  • BTC PROVIDER USDT CONFIRMED:  USDT-ERC20 payment is confirmed and BTC provider sends next tranche.

  • BTC PROVIDER PAYS FEES AS IN IMFPA:  Fees paid to all consultants in BTC provider as per Exhibit A.

  • Repeat steps 4-8  until BTC is exhausted.


Interested parties should contact :

Lisbon Coast

-10% Gross, -5% Net, USDT/BTC Swap, F2F, Lisbon, Portugal

Email :
DM Raymond Chai (on Linkedin)
Telegram: +1 (786) 632 8577

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