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NEW: 100K BTC with R&E @ -6% gross, -3% net, F2F, Escrow,

BriteBanc, West Coast, USA - Look For Seller

(Buyer :  ZNU...KAH-TELE)

Post: 29.8.22


  • A Buyer in US is looking for 100K BTC with R&E @ -6% gross, -3% net

  • Buyer = 3%

  • Buyerside = 1.5%

  • Sellerside = 1.5% 

  • Escrow = Buyer and Seller pay 50/50

  • Buyer will buy any amount of coins even if it’s very little like 100 BTC

  • Buyer/seller onboard and provide funded/BTC. Provide user name and screenshot of their dashboard or last 4 digits of the user name.


  • Buyer likes to meet with the seller for a corporate meeting to complete the transaction

  • 1. Buyer sign up/onboard at BRITEBANC Crypto Escrow Bank and provide his account details (BriteBanc Account Username) and Screenshot of his account or CIS and LOI to Seller. Seller already has active account at BriteBanc.

  • 2. Buyer send wire transfer to his own BRITEBANC account and prepare POF for Seller via BRITEBANC. Funds to cover first tranche or total Bitcoin contract amount. 

  • 3. Seller communicate with Buyer, and Seller confirm Buyer POF at BRITEBANC, and issue an Official Invoice on behalf of Buyer for total contract or first tranche required. First tranche can be 1000 BTC to 2500 BTC or more as Buyer need.

  • 4. Seller loads 2500 BTC coins to his account with BRITEBANC for Buyer to verify POC of Seller as agreed between Buyer and Seller via BRITEBANC and/or Blockchain.

  • 5. After Buyer verify POC of Seller at BRITEBANC, Buyer arrange funds via BRITEBANC for Seller. 

  • 6. Seller move coins to buyer’s private wallet and simultaneously Buyer make money transfer to sellers account via BRITEBANC or as agreed by both parties.

  • 7. Deal close first tranche. Next tranche follows from step 2 above. 


Interested parties should contact :

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