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OTCbid - Chinese Gov Bitcoin Holdings Outrank MicroStrategy Despite Crypto Ban



























" The Chinese government currently has more Bitcoin holdings than MicroStrategy as a result of the funds it seized from the PlusToken Ponzi scheme.

The Chinese government holds more Bitcoin than MicroStrategy after it seized 194,775 BTC during the infamous PlusToken scam.

The total value of the Bitcoin holdings is about $3.9 billion.


In addition to the Bitcoin, the government also seized 833,083 ETH, 1.4 million LTC, 27.6 million EOS, 74,167 DASH, 487 million XRP, 6 billion DOGE, 79,581 BCH, and 213,724 USDT. In total, the government has crypto assets worth over $5 billion.


China’s Bitcoin Holdings Top Even MicroStrategy

This makes the Chinese government holder of over 1% of the total bitcoins in circulation. However, the current status of this stash is not known. There is no information on whether this has been sold or any update from the government at all.

" - Read full article 


Source: beincrypto


-5% Gross, -2% Net, Escrow, OTC, W2W, USDT To BTC

Buyer Mandate Only

NEW: 20K BTC @ -5% Gross, -2% Net, Escrow, OTC, W2W, USDT To BTC - Look For Buyer

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Post: 4.11.22


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  • (1) Buyer and seller exchange wallet addresses.

  • (2) Buyer shows control of wallet , seller shows control of wallet  with $100.

  • (3) Buyer and seller can use Escrow or OTC or wallet to wallet swap.

  • Note:

  • No Long Chain Accepted.


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