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OTCbid - EU Regulator Warns Soaring Inflation Could Drive Investors to Crypto — Calls for Unified Regulatory Framework
























" Europe’s top securities regulator has warned that soaring inflation could drive investors to cryptocurrencies. Stressing that there is “an imbalance” in how each EU country deals with crypto, the regulator calls for a common regulatory framework across European countries.

Inflation Could Drive Investors to Crypto, EU Regulator Says

The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA), the EU’s top securities markets regulator, has warned that soaring inflation may drive retail investors into cryptocurrencies, Bloomberg reported Thursday.

The regulator has also called for a formal legal framework to govern the crypto industry across all EU countries.

ESMA Chair Verena Ross said in an interview last week:

" With inflation rising, investors will look to find investments which are able to try to compensate for inflation and bring greater returns, which might lead to greater risk taking. " " - Read Full Article

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-7% Gross, -4% Net, Escrow, Signature Bank, NY

NEW: 200K BTC @ -7% Gross, -4% Net, Escrow, Signature Bank, NY - Look For Seller


Post: 1.6.22


  • Buyer is looking for 200K BTC @ -7% gross, -4% net

  • Buyer = 4%

  • Buyerside = 1%

  • Sellerside = 1% 

  • Brokers = 1%​​



  1. POC - Seller sends $1 from his wallet to Buyer's wallet, or by AB test, or by deposit the BTC in Signature Bank escrow and provides the seller name and banker number to verify the coins. 

  2. Immediately, arrange a meeting F2F with the Seller in the bank. Sign all papers in F2F and Buyer will deposit the funds into the escrow. 

  3. Seller verifies the funds and he sends the BTC to Buyer's wallet ,

  4. After 6 blockchain confirmations the escrow move funds to seller​.

Interested parties should contact :

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