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OTCbid - Bitcoin Diamond Hands: Long-Term Holder Supply Surges Up To Near ATH



























" Data shows the Bitcoin long-term holder supply has surged up recently to near all-time high values as these “diamond hands” add to their holdings.

Bitcoin Long-Term Holder Supply Jumps Up By 250k BTC After The Recent Low

According to the latest weekly report from Glassnode, the current total balances of the long-term holders is only 30k away from the ATH.

The “long-term holders” (or LTHs in short) is a Bitcoin holder group that includes all those investors who have been holding onto their coins since at least 155 days ago, without having sold or moved them.

Generally, the longer holders keep their BTC still, the less likely they become to sell them. Because of this, LTHs are the less likely investor group to sell at any point.

The opposite cohort is the “short-term holders” (STHs), who have had their coins in their wallets for less than the 155-day mark. "- Read Full Article

Source: NEWSbtc


-6% Gross, -4% Net, USDT, Escrow Attorney Warren Law, Brooklyn, NY, US, Canada



Seller Mandate Only

NEW: 50K-100K BTC @ -6% Gross, -4% Net, USDT, Escrow Attorney Warren Law

Brooklyn, NY, US, Canada - Look For Buyer


Post: 8.9.22


  • I am direct to Buyer rep who is direct to Buyer

  • Buyer is buying 50K-100K BTC @ -6% Gross, -4% Net.

  • Buyer is a huge fund based in Canada and payment is not a problem

  • Buyer = 5% (Buyer 4% + Buyer pays Buyerside 1%)

  • Buyerside = 1% (Paid by buyer)

  • Sellerside = 1% (Paid by seller)

  • Escrow fee (Warren Law) = 0.25% (Paid by seller)

  • Daily tranche = 1000 BTC per day ( 250 BTC x 4=1000 BTC )

  • Note: Seller pays 25 bps to Warren Law Firm for escrow. Buyer brokers split 1% and Seller brokers split 1%. Buyer gets 5% discount and Buyer pays 1% commission to buyer brokers so Buyer nets 4% discount. Seller pays 1% commissions to seller brokers.



  • Step 1) Proof of Coin

  • Seller will show actual control of coins by either sending the buyer a Satoshi or by doing an A-B wallet transfer, in an amount told to the Seller by the Buyer, while all pertinent parties are on a video call. 

  • Buyer can show POF on the same call in fiat and will move to USDT once proof of coin has been completed due to transaction costs involved in doing that before we know actual coins are available.


  • Step 2) Documentation and KYC

  • To start, both the Buyer and Seller need to pass KYC to the standards of all parties, including the escrow.  Next the SPA and the Escrow agreement are agreed upon by the law firm serving as Escrow, the Buyer and the Seller. 

  • *Note: The Buyer will only pay commissions to the buyerside and thus discount to buyer will be -5%, from which commissions will be paid to buyside brokers. Seller will pay sellside brokers and escrow fees.

  • Step 3) Transaction

  • a. The buyer sends the USDT (collateral) to the escrow agent’s new wallet.

  • b. Escrow attorney confirms the receipt of USDT in his wallet and sends screenshots to the seller.

  • c. Seller confirms and sends BTC to the BUYER’S wallet within a designated amount of time that is agreed upon in the SPA and Escrow agreements. 

  • d. Buyer sends USDT to Seller wallet within a designated amount of time that is agreed upon in the SPA and Escrow agreements.

  • e. If the Buyer does not pay for any one tranche of 250 BTC within the contracted period of time, then escrow attorney releases the USDT to the Seller and transaction is over.

  • f. Repeat process as many times per day as possible, for as many days as needed, until all 50K-100K bitcoins have been sold.  "  

  • We can try for 1,000 coins a day, but not likely to contract for that amount. 

  • IMFPA would be with the Seller as Naxxx and the HF don't pay commissions.  


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