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OTCbid - $2.7 Billion in NFT Sales Recorded Last Month — Ethereum, Ronin, Solana Top 3 NFT Networks

















" This week Google Trends shows that the acronym NFT, which stands for non-fungible token, has reached a score of 100, the highest score a search query can get from the data analytics aggregator. Meanwhile, statistics indicate that during the last 30 days across ten different blockchains, there’s been $2.73 billion in NFT sales.

NFT Monthly Volume Sees Close to $3 Billion in Sales — Axie Infinity, Clonex, MAYC Sales Reign

While the crypto economy has seen a downturn, it’s too early to say whether or not it’s affecting NFT sales. However, monthly statistics show that across ten different blockchain networks including Ethereum, Ronin, Solana, Flow, Polygon, and more, there’s been $2.73 billion in NFT sales." - Read Full Article

Source: Bitcoin


" We get asked for millions of BTC from billion-dollar companies. We can do it with multiple sellers and multiple wallets."

- OTCbid
-4% gross, -3% net, Escrow, JP Morgan Chase, California

Buyer Mandate Only

NEW: 100K BTC @ -4% gross, -3% net, Escrow, JP Morgan Chase, California - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  USHE PRA-TELE)

Post: 11.1.22

  • Seller is a HK listed entity who has 100K BTC @ -4% gross, -3% net​

  • Seller is also selling  5000 BTC @ -5% gross, -4% net​

  • Buyer = 3%

  • Buyer side = 0.5% 

  • Seller side = 0.5%​​​​ (Closed)


  • 1.       NCNDA

  •       2a. Proof of Coin – Proof of Funds Exchange (skippable accordinging to comfort of parties)

  • a)       Fire Satoshi to Purchaser nominated wallet to validate on the blockchain OR

  • b)      Wallet a to wallet b transfer & validate on the blockchain OR

  • c)       Dashboard of the hot or cold wallet to be validated on the blockchain

  •        2b. Proof of Coin – Proof of Funds Exchange (skippable accordinging to comfort of parties)

  • a)       Account Statement with time stamp

  • b)      Bank Comfort Letter with verifiable contact person

  • c)       Letter of Attestation from Solicitor

  • 3.       Zoom or conference call between Vendor & nominee & Purchaser & nominee

  • 4.       AML & KYC / CIS

  • 5.       SPA & IMFPA

  • 6.       Transact in California in the JP Morgan Chase escrow account as soon as possible today, tomorrow or day after maximum

  • 7.       BTC transferred, USD collected & fees disbursed to the involved parties


Interested parties should contact :

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