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NEW: 1000 BTC @ -2% gross, +2% net, Israel, Tel Aviv - Look For Seller

(Buyer: US TB)

Post: 5.9.2020​


  • Buyer is looking for 1000 BTC at -2% gross, +2% net

  • Buyerside = 2%

  • Sellerside = 2%​



  • POC, POF, Sathoshi or A to B wallet test


  • F2F in Spain.

  • ( Detailed procedure CLICK HERE )


  • ( Detailed procedure CLICK HERE )


  • ( Detailed procedure CLICK HERE )

  • Notice: For transactions over 100mil USD is possible use TREZOR/NANO LEDGER wallet.


Interested parties should contact :



NEW: 250K BTC @ -5% gross, -2% net, Tel Aviv, Israel - Look For Seller

(Seller: AA....KM)

Post: 30.7.2019



  • 1. The seller confirms by his signature that he understands the below procedure and agrees with its wording. The procedure thus confirmed will be sent back to the buyer via e-mail or any other messenger ( WhatsApp, Telegram ).

  • 2. The seller makes Proof of coins (POC) – it means that seller will prove the existence of the currency in his wallet for first tranche. In this case, a test transfer method will be used between the two wallets of the seller. First, the seller will inform the buyer about the exact balance in the source “A” wallet and then the buyer will specify the amount for the test transfer ( pls. asume amount 500-900 BTC) This transfer must be realized no later than 1 hour after the release of the test amount and the source wallet must contain at least 2,000 BTC. Immediately after the transfer to seller’s “B” wallet, the seller will inform the buyer of the transaction code either by e-mail or any other messenger (WhatsApp, Telegram) in order to verify the transaction on the Blockchain. If seller doesn’t accept A to B wallet test as above, it‘s possible also to perform the Sathoshi test with the volume specified by the buyer in advance. The source wallet must contain at least 2,000 BTC that are visible on

  • Please note that Satoshi or A to B wallet test sent from accounts (wallets) on other platforms that do not allow visibility of the total balance on are worthless to us!

  • 3. In the case of a successful POC, the buyer will submit a draft contract to the seller. Once the draft contract has been agreed by both parties, contract will be signed and both parties will transfer the contract to their banks for compliance proces during which the buyer's financial readiness will also be examined


  • 4. On the first day of transaction seller will show again the readiness to proceed for the first tranche by sending 1 BTC to the buyer‘s wallet to establish a connection between buyer‘s wallet and seller‘s wallet. This must be done on the day of transaction directly before buyer makes the payment via MT103/72 for the first tranche which will include the payment of this 1 BTC. 2

  • 5. For all the following tranches seller sends specified amount of Satoshi to the buyer’s wallet from seller before current tranche, the source wallet(s) must contain at least BTC for current tranche.

  • 6. Buyer will send a specification of payment order for the MT103/72 (VERBIAGE) and get the acceptance from the seller.

  • 7. Buyer makes conditional irrevocable payment by MT103/72 for the current tranche.

  • 8. After Receiving the MT103/72 Swift notification at seller‘s bank, the seller transfers coins to the buyer’s wallet for the amount stated in the MT103/72. The transfer of BTC must be realized within 45 minutes after receipt of Swift notification.

  • 9. After the buyer receipt the BTC on his wallet and after the 6 confirmations of blockchain, buyer’s bank releases immediately the conditional funds MT103/72 to seller's bank account.

  • 10. For additional tranches, steps 6 - 10 will be repeated until the total volume is settled.

  • 11. The Commission must be paid to the agents under the IMFPA.

  • 12. Upon completion of the transaction, the both parties sign the affidavit of successful settlement of the transaction.


Interested parties should contact : 



NEW: 1M BTC with R&E @ -20% gross, -8% net, MT103, Bank2Bank, Ledger,  Escrow, Lawyer, Israel, USA - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  WH GN-Tele)

Post: 23.8.21


  • A seller is selling 1M BTC with R&E @ -20% gross, -8% net

  • Buyer = 8%

  • Buyerside = 6%

  • Sellerside = 6% 

  • First tranche = 1000 BTC

  • Subsequent tranches = 10K, 20K, 40K, 60K, 80K, 100K, 100K, 100K BTC until contract exhausted

  • The seller rep has verified this seller and he is transacting with them.

  • Seller can do MT103, Escrow, or Ledger with any major bank

  • They have over 1M BTC to sell with verified POC

  • Seller rep can schedule mandate calls and initiate later this week.

  • If Buyer want to sign the SPA first or call first - whatever easier for them. Mandate is flexible.

  • Seller Mandate is based in the USA, the Seller is from Israel

  • We can arrange for CIS info to be sent out after a soft call. Our Seller mandate doesn’t like to send their personal info out through broker channels usually without speaking first


  1. BUYER fills in the contract details and initials each page to validate the contract procedures are acceptable. (Amendments can be REDLINED in the agreement)

  2. BUYER or the authorized BUYER Representative and SELLER or the authorized SELLER Representative communicate on the execution of the transaction

  3. SELLER completes the contract details and initial each page.

  4. BUYER and SELLER shall execute the purchase agreement. 

  5. Upon receipt of executed purchase agreement, the SELLER shall show proof of life for the first tranche via screen shot, Zoom call, or email; and the BUYER shall show proof of funds for the first tranche via an active recent bank account statement of (USD/Euros) to SELLERS attorney via screen shot or email. After both sides acknowledges the proof ups, both sides will set a TTM at the BUYERS chosen ESCROW AGENT.

  6. BUYER hereby gives the SELLER or authorized SELLER Representative the BUYER LAW FIRM and LAWYER or TRUSTEE as “ESCROW AGENT” authorized by the BUYER for this transaction.  In case this BUYER LAW FIRM and LAWYER or TRUSTEE as “ESCROW AGENT” is given separately, a copy of such authorization for the LAW FIRM and LAWYER or TRUSTEE as “ESCROW AGENT” shall be attached to this agreement.  The ESCROW AGENT signs the present agreement and assumes full ESCROW responsibility to the SELLER regarding the payment of the funds for (BTC) for each tranche agreed in this document.  

  7. Seller shall conduct (wallet A to wallet B) test with a (Satoshi) for the amount requested by the BUYER or with the entire amount requested for the first tranche. 

  8. BUYER or the authorized BUYER Representative and SELLER or authorized SELLER Representative will agree on a date and location for the (TTM) meeting upon ESCROW AGENT’s formal invitation.   During the meeting the SELLER is available to show the (BTC) to the ESCROW AGENT and will transfer the first tranche of (BTC) to the BUYERS wallet blockchain, eventually on ledger, upon request of the ESCROW AGENT, who sustains its cost on behalf of the BUYER.

  9. At the (TTM) meeting, once the BUYER ESCROW AGENT confirms receipt of the (BTC) on the BUYERS wallet, and validates with 6 blockchain validations, the ESCROW AGENT will send via (MT103 / RTGS / Ledger to Ledger) the payment for the first tranche of (BTC) countervalue in (USD/Euro).

  10. SELLER BANKER shall inform both ESCROW AGENT and SELLER receipt of the initial deposit.

  11. SELLER shall initiate placement of the first tranche of the (BTC) directly into the BUYER’s wallet, as well as COMMISSIONS according to the IMFPA to consultants. Buyer shall provide its (BTC) wallet information upon execution of the purchase agreement.

  12. SELLER shall provide evidence of said deposit of (BTC) after receipt of confirmation of the BUYER’s funds.

  13. Thereafter, BUYER shall confirm receipt of the evidence of the deposit in its wallet after six confirmations on the Blockchain.

  14. Steps 5-9 shall be repeated for subsequent tranches.


Interested parties should contact :

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