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OTCbid - As Russia invaded the Ukraine, bitcoin plunged — here's what Sam Bankman-Fried, Michael Saylor and other top voices in crypto had to say about it


























" Russian forces attacked Ukraine from several directions Thursday, starting a large-scale invasion that had been brewing for days.

Financial markets reeled and cryptocurrencies tumbled as investors sought out safe-haven assetsBitcoin fell to its lowest in weeks, and strategists said it could drop to $30,000 if the crisis worsens.

That raised questions about bitcoin's role — as a haven asset, a resource for the unbanked, and an authority-free zone. Here's what five leading voices in crypto had to say about it.

Bitcoin bull Michael Saylor

"Nation state conflicts create uncertainty, constrain production, weaken currency, cripple trade, and undermine credit, making investments in debt & equity riskier and underscoring the benefit of converting treasury assets into pure digital energy – Bitcoin," the MicroStrategy CEO said in a tweet.

"Wars create inflation, cripple commerce, and make bitcoin compelling," he added.

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Source: Business Insider


" We get asked for millions of BTC from billion-dollar companies. We can do it with multiple sellers and multiple wallets."

- OTCbid
 -8% Gross, -5% Net. USA, UAE, London, Zurich,  Monaco, HK

NEW: 10K-20K with up to 500K BTC @ -8% Gross, -5% Net. US, UAE, London, Zurich,  Monaco, HK - Look For Sellers

(Buyer :  SLUK...PAS-TELE)

Post: 28.2.22

  • Buyers are looking for 10K-500K BTC @ -8% gross, -5% net

  • Buyers from any countries and cities of USA, UAE, London, Zurich, Monaco, Hong Kong etc

  • Buyer = 5%

  • Buyerside = 1.5%

  • Sellerside = 1.5%

  • Minimum = 5000 BTC

  • 5K-10K BTC, -4% gross, -1% net

  • 10K-50K BTC, -5% gross, -2% net,

  • 50K-100K BTC, -6% gross, -3% net,

  • 100K-300K BTC, -7% gross, -4% net,

  • 300K-500K BTC, -8% gross, -5% net,



  • Consider different procedures.

  • Prepaid, manager's checks in the emirates, deposit - in Hong Kong for example.

  • I have about 16 companies available in different countries.  On each from 500 million to $3 Billion.

  • Buyers are ready to buy bitcoin. 


Interested parties should contact :

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