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100K -1MBTC @ -9% Gross, -6% Net, Escrow,PrimeTrust, Southport, Queensland - Look For Buyer

(Seller : GPHO...KIRD-GAIL)

Post: 21.3.23


  • Seller is selling 100K-1M BTC @ -9% gross, -6% net

  • Buyer = 6%

  • Buyerside = 1%

  • Sellerside = 1%​​

  • Consultants = 1%

  • Min = 5000 BTC



  1. Buyer and Seller shall sign the Purchase Agreement. 

  2. Buyer shall show proof of funds for the first tranche via an active recent bank account statement of United States Dollars in cash via screen or email. Seller shall show a screen shot to the buyer via screen or email one of his/her wallets showing available BTC for every tranche.

  3. Buyer and Seller shall sign the Escrow Agreement.  Buyer and Seller shall forward to the buyer Escrow and Seller Escrow Agent exact wire information and banking coordinates for the each of the parties and their respective representatives, buyer and seller escrows have to be first order banks.

  4. Buyer and Seller Escrow Agent shall endorse the Escrow Agreement and shall circulate the completed Escrow Agreement to the Seller and buyer.

  5. Upon execution of the Purchase Agreement and the Escrow Agreement, within ….. Hours Buyer Escrow Agent shall wire to Seller Escrow Agent the sum of FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS ($50,000,000 USD) to be applied to the purchase of the first tranche of ….. BTC (“Initial Deposit”). 

  6. Seller Escrow Agent shall inform Buyer, Buyer Escrow agent and Seller receipt of the Initial Deposit.

  7. Seller shall initiate placement of the first tranche of the BTC directly into the Buyer’s Wallet-or 

  8. Buyer Escrow Agent Wallet during the next two hours after fiat money have been received for the buyer escrow. Buyer shall provide its BTC Wallet information upon execution of the Purchase Agreement.

  9. Seller shall provide evidence of said deposit of BTC after receipt of confirmation of the Buyer’s funds.

  10. Thereafter, Buyer shall confirm receipt of the evidence of the deposit in its Wallet.

  11. Upon deposit of the entire first tranche with Buyer as evidenced by Seller, Escrow Agent shall disburse the remainder of the Initial Deposit less payments for commissions and payments due to Escrow Agent.  All payments shall be made via wire transfer. Escrow Agent shall disburse funds within 24 hours of the transaction being consummated and after both Seller and Buyer verify the same in writing. If the tranche of BTC does not appear the next in 2 hours in the Buyer Waller, the Seller Escrow have to return immediately the fiat money to the Buyer’s Bank account. 


Interested parties should contact :

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