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NEW: 100K BTC @ -3% gross, -1% net, PASPX Bank, Denmark - Look For Buyer

(Seller: 22)

Date: 9.1.2019

  • Our seller reps are direct to the shareholder of the PASPX bank (no chain).

  • Seller has 100K BTC

  • A very large private seller is onboarding at PASPX and is ready to sell coins.

  • Sell Offer:100k coins 

  • Discount: Negotiable (most likely around a 3% gross)

  • Procedure:

  • 1. Buyer must onboard with PASPX BANK which is based in Denmark. The onboarding process (KYC / AML) will take roughly 3-5 days depending on the size of the entity (individual or corporation).

  • 2. Once approved, the bank will issue a letter stating that coins are ready to be transacted after the buyer delivers POF. The POF can come in the form of an MT199 Swift, or showing bank statements. (This information will be delivered to the brokers involved)

  • 3. Once the bank (PASPX) has verified the POF, they will then provide a satoshi test to the buyer.

  • 4. After the satoshi test is done / approved, the buyer will fund his account at PASPX. (The Money is fully ensured by the Denmark Government. There is no limit on fiat insurance)

  • 5. Once funds are in the buyers account, the funds will be transferred into another account controlled by a banking officer / Corp member of PASPX...(somewhat of an escrow account inside the bank)...and then coins will be sent to the buyer.

  • 6. Once coins have successfully confirmed in the buyers wallet, the bank officer will transfer the funds to the seller bank account within PASPX.

  • This is an extremely safe / efficient transaction.​


Interested parties should contact :

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