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Dubai Islamic Bank



NEW: 150K+ BTC @ -4% gross, -2% net, DIB, Dubai - Look For Buyer

(Seller 5)

Post: 9.12.2018

  • F2F . Dubai . DIB . Bank

  • - QTY : 150k +++ R&E 
    - Discount : -4/Gross, -2/Net
    - Transaction : bank to bank / ledger to ledger / via SBLC, MT760, or MT103/72
    - Bank : DIB(Dubai Islamic Bank) @Dubai

  • - Deal Place :  
    1. Face-to-Face at attorney’s office in California 
    2. Face to face in the UK at Barclays 
    3. Face to face in Dubai at Dubai Islamic Bank (Recommend)

  • - Procedure 
    1. sign Agreement to include IMFPA
    2. meet at DIB in Dubai to exchange POF for POC
    3. Buyer acknowledges that Seller’s Rep will meet Buyer’s signatory at DIB for transaction
    4. Buyer provides current POF from DIB account while at the bank
    5. Seller provides Satoshi from a wallet with at least X00 BTC 
    6. Buyer issues MT103/72 for first tranche of X00 BTC
    7. Blah Blah Blah~~

  • ☞ Seller will never release Bitcoin until the Seller is sure the money is safe and secure with verification via Seller’s banker.

Buyer Mandate only 

Interested parties should contact:

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