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" A partnership between, tech firm DataMesh and gas chain OTR is enabling customers to use bitcoin as payment in hundreds of stores in Australia.

  • Australian consumers can now use bitcoin for everyday purchases at over 175 OTR locations and 250 Peregrine Corp. locations.

  • OTR partnered with to provide instant fiat conversions from bitcoin to Australian dollars for the merchants.

  • DataMesh Group provides payments infrastructure to bridge the gap between OTR and

Australian consumers can now use their bitcoin for everyday purchases at more than 440 retail outlets owned by Peregrine Corp., including over 175 OTR fuel and convenience stores.

The feature is being implemented through a partnership with cryptocurrency exchange, according to a press release.

To use the service, consumers looking to use bitcoin or another cryptocurrency select as their payment method, which then generates a QR code. Then, the consumer just picks which currency they would like to use, scans the code, and the payment will instantly be settled in Australian dollars for the merchant." - Read Full Article

Source: bitcoinmagazine


Premium +10%, Cash, UBS, Zurich, Switzerland 


Buyer Mandate Only

NEW: 3K+ BTC @ Premium +10%, Cash, UBS, Zurich, Switzerland - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  GDFK SCON-GAIL)

Post: 19.8.22


  • A Seller is selling 3K+ BTC @ premium +10%

  • Buyer = +10%

  • Buyerside = 1.5% (paid by buyer)

  • Sellerside = 1.5% (paid by seller)

  • Transaction at Security house, currency exchange office


  • 1) After a LOI of the buyer, we organize a meeting direct with the Seller to validate procedure and fix date of meeting at Brink’s.

  • 2) After à joint meeting with the owner of the money or his representative, the Seller’s representative sees the money at Brink’s offices in Geneva Airport and takes a video, which is transferred to the SELLER.

  • 3) The Seller’s representative takes EUR 300,000 (or equivalent) of this money for verification and to pay Brink’s to transport the Cash to Zurich.

  • 4) The Buyer receives a receipt for his Cash and the EUR 300,000 from Brink’s.

  • 5) This amount is counted and, within 2 hours, the Seller transfers 6/7 (or market equivalent) Bitcoins to the buyer's wallet.

  • 6) These Bitcoins come from a wallet with the total number of Bitcoins corresponding to the amount of cash available.

  • 7) A meeting is arranged at UBS, Zürich to receive the cash from Brink’s. The bank will count and verify the funds. Upon mutual satisfaction, the Seller shall transfer the agreed Bitcoins to the Buyer’s wallet.


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