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OTCbid - Bonds Out, Bitcoin In? Bloomberg Analyst Predicts Major Portfolio Shifts















" In a comprehensive evaluation of global market dynamics, Bloomberg Intelligence analyst and Chartered Market Technician (CMT) Jamie Coutts has opined on the shifting sands of financial asset volatility. With bonds potentially falling out of favor and Bitcoin cementing its place as a debasement hedge, traditional portfolio models may be on the verge of a renaissance.


Major Portfolio Shift Towards Bitcoin?


Coutts tweeted, “It looks like we are about to see a substantial uptick in volatility across all markets, given where yields, USD, & global M2 are heading. Despite what lies ahead, there has been a big shift in the volatility profiles of global assets vs. Bitcoin over the past years.”

A comparative analysis by Coutts highlighted that since 2020, the volatility profiles of Bitcoin and Gold have declined, while most other assets have seen an increase in volatility.

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Source:​ NEWS BTC


NEW: 10K+ BTC with R&E @ -9% Gross, -5% Net, B2B, NBD & Abu Dhabi Commercial bank, Dubai, UAE - Look For Buyer

(Seller : IPHOE...ZIRD-GAIL)

Post: 29.9.23


  • Seller from Europe is selling 10K+ BTC in Dubai @ -9% Gross, -5% Net.

  • Buyer = 5%

  • Buyerside = 1.5%

  • Sellerside = 1.5% 

  • Seller intermediary = 0.5%

  • Buyer intermediaries = 0.5%

  • Seller has a minimum wallet of 6 BTC

  • Operations are carried out in bank office or where buyers or sellers can also decide

  • Once this is done, the second wallet is 230 BTC or similar

  • And then go to bigger wallets - how much is no problem

  • The BTC comes remotely - all in real time in the meeting

  • First, will need the following information:

  • 1. Buyer nationality

  • 2. Tranche 

  • 3. Date & Time

  • 4. Buyer bank

  • PROCEDURE (B2B) (Not Negotiable) : 

  • 1. The parties sign the Joint Venture Financial Investment Agreement and the SPA. The Party register only the Joint Venture Financial Investment Agreement in the bank; 2.3. Steps of the transaction :

  • a. - seller send procedures for buyer to review and accept

  • b. - buyer signed and return the offer to seller with CIS

  • c. - seller release the wallet to buyer to do DD

  • d. - seller prepare the sale contract with buyer and seller info to be executed by both parties

  • e. - seller and buyer will arrange time and date to meet at seller/ agent office at the bank (F2F) for the buyer to transfer funds in the seller account.

  • f. - upon the seller confirm the funds in his account the seller shall transfer the BTC within one hour to the buyer wallet ( if seller failed to do the transfer in one hour after the funds posted on his account the account signatory will immediately reverse the funds to buyer at the bank ) per contract agreement.

  • g. - upon the buyer receiving the BTC at the bank meeting buyer and seller shake each other hands and schedule next transaction.

  • 2. The rate is fixed at the time of send payment according to the tariffs

  • 3. Payment for services to commission agents occurs simultaneously with the payment of BTC to the wallet of Party A. All consultant fees are transferred to BTC to a consolidated wallet and a Certificate of Acceptance and Transfer of Collateral is signed (Annex 1).


Interested parties should contact :

Street Fashion


-9% Gross, -5% Net, B2B, NBD & Abu Dhabi Commercial bank, Dubai, UAE





Email :

DM Raymond Chai (on Linkedin)  -

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