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Michael Mouradian - Linkedin -

Head Of Digital Assets And Markets at Bittrex Global

  • Bittrex Global

Greater Zurich Area


" Crypto payments are booming right in front of our eyes.

In the past two months:

➡️ Visa launched trademark applications for crypto wallet and metaverse project; teased auto payments feature via Ethereum

➡️ Mastercard and Paxos begin making it easier for banks and traditional financial institutions to offer crypto trading services

➡️ PayPal debuts MetaMask integration for ETH transactions

➡️ Circle integrates Apple Pay to expand USDC stablecoin payments

Visa alone handled over $11.5 trillion in payment volume this year, so the focus they’re putting on crypto and web3 is significant.

Crypto-native platforms are also building more fiat on and off-ramps for mainstream users, like Uniswap and Moonpay allowing users to buy crypto via debit cards, credit cards, and bank transfers.

If there’s one thing to take away from this crazy year, it’s that the biggest payments companies on the planet are embracing web3.

And building bridges connecting crypto with Wall Street and Main Street.

Web3 is here to stay. " - 
Michael Mouradian



Self custody your #Bitcoin.

Here's how👇

1. Buy a hardware wallet - Ledger
2. Store your backup on titanium with CRYPTOTAG
3. Transfer your coin

(FYI I work with these companies)

Source: Dan Held

Follow Me To Learn About Bitcoin | 10 yrs in Crypto, 9 yr marketing leader, 2 Exits

Talks about #bitcoin, #blockchain, and #cryptocurrencyTalks about hashtag bitcoin, hashtag blockchain, and hashtag cryptocurrency

Austin, Texas, United States 


Andrew Axelrod - Linkedin -

1st degree connection1st

Bitcoin & Macro | Giving clients a V12 for that extra edge 🚀

Talks about #crypto, #bitcoin, #ethereum, #blockchain, and #financialservicesTalks about hashtag crypto, hashtag bitcoin, hashtag ethereum, hashtag blockchain, and hashtag financialservices

  • Coinbase

  • University of St.Gallen

Miami, Florida, United States

Coinbase waives USDC fees.
Here's why it's a huge deal for crypto adoption.

Yesterday, Coinbase announced that conversions between popular stable-coin USDC and all fiat currencies will be free of charge.

In terms of wider adoption, this is the biggest news since the Coinbase/Blackrock deal, which will open bitcoin to 300 of the world's largest institutions with a combined $20 trillion in assets.

So, here's why it's a huge deal:

Santiago Capital's Brent Johnson has risen to prominence for his now infamous Dollar Milkshake Theory.

It paints a scenario whereby foreign currencies continue collapsing into dollar strength as it sucks up more and more global liquidity.

The theory derives its name from a particularly vivid scene in the 2007 movie "There Will Be Blood":

In the movie, the naive Eli Sunday believes that the wealth of his oil field belongs to him.

But what Sunday fails to consider is the phenomenon of "drainage".

The cunning Daniel Plainview owns the surrounding land and an infrastructure of pipes that runs underneath it.

Through these pipes, Plainview is able to suck up all the oil, regardless of what territory he actually owns.

It's almost like Plainview has a loooong straw, that reaches across the room and drinks out of Sunday's milkshake.

Incidentally, after the proverbial milkshake has been sucked dry, Plainview goes on to bludgeon Sunday to death with a bowling pin made out of Hard Rock Maple wood.

Nice movie. Anywayyyyy....

It's starting to look like crypto might just be that long straw.

As most currencies, including global ones like GBP and JPY, are being sucked into the dollar's gravitational force field, stable-coins now make it easy for people exit.

You don't need a bank account. All you need is a phone and an internet connection, to switch in and out of dollar backed tokens.

And now it's even free of charge.

Not to mention that forex trading is a massive business for traditional banks - if this trend has legs, they can kiss it goodbye.

Yes, it could be a seismic shift.

This is also why it would be unbelievably foolish for the White House to pursue its CBDC agenda.

US stable-coins are already doing the job for them, representing 99% of the market and creating more dollar demand than ever.

However, it's important to note that dollar strength is relative to other currencies, only.

Seen holistically, all fiat money is in a full-on collapse against hard assets, with the dollar losing more than 96% of its purchasing power since inception.

But even so, stable-coin adoption is a net a positive.

This is because once people migrate into digital wallets, they can with the push of a button switch into hard money like bitcoin and escape the reckless debasement of currency.

So, how long until the dollar gets its milkshake sucked?

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Source: Andrew Axelrod - Linkedin

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