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OTCbid - Bitcoin Shorts Get Obliterated as BTC Price Briefly Spikes Past $25K, Hits Eight Month High















" Past data show that we are approaching one of the best times to buy Bitcoin.










" Bitcoin short-sellers have taken a battering in the past two days. That’s according to data presented by crypto derivative analytics website, which shows liquidations in short Bitcoin future positions worth around $100 million across major exchanges over the past two sessions, during which time Bitcoin has gained an impressive 8.5%.


At current levels in the $24,100 region, Bitcoin is trading just under 13% above earlier monthly lows in the low $21,000s. Bearish calls last week for Bitcoin to fall back towards the $20,000 level ultimately proved wrong, with Bitcoin instead managing to notch a new high since June 2022 on Thursday at $25,270. News that two of the largest Mt Gox creditors will receive most of their payout in BTC, rather than fiat, helped spur Thursday’s spike..” - Read More

Source: bitnewsbot


-6% Gross, -3% Net, Escrow, Fireblocks, NY 



NEW: 120K+ BTC @ -6% Gross, -3% Net, Escrow, Fireblocks, NY - Look For Seller


Post: 17.2.23


  • Institutional Buyer is looking for 120K+ BTC @ -6% Gross, -3% Net 

  • Buyer = 3% 

  • Buyerside = 1.5% 

  • Sellerside = 1.5% 


  1. I have a channel to an onboarded Fireblocks buyer with a very large appetite.

  2. Buyer is an Institution and is under SEC regulations.

  3. Therefore they need to strictly verify the Seller.

  4. It is not enough just to have the Firelocks ID but they would need the Seller's CIS.

  5. They claim there are many fake Sellers registered with Fireblocks as even when completed a registration process, they are not the real Sellers.

  6. Let me know if you have an onboarded Fireblocks Seller who can send Fireblocks ID and CIS.



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