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Metaverse NFT

H&M opens its first store in the metaverse - textilegence

CEO of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, predicts, “over the coming decades, the metaverse has the potential to become a multi trillion-dollar part of the world economy.” 

"  I can visualise and imagine the future of the internet is an interactive, real-time platform comprised of interconnected virtual worlds where people can live, work, play, socialised, transact and create in live broadcast, NFT games, sports, music, events, entertainment etc....Amazing Metaverse! "


" The future of the internet: A massively-scaled, persistent, interactive, and interoperable real-time platform comprised of interconnected virtual worlds where people can socialize, work, transact, play, and create. "

- Coinbase

Concerts in the Metaverse could lead to a new wave of adoption - Cointelegraph

Virtual and hybrid luxury goods

Digital collectibles in visual arts, gaming, music and sports


Crypto collectibles . digital artwork . tickets to events . in-game items . items in virtual worlds . real-world assets . domains . etc.

Grayscale Says Metaverse Is a Trillion Dollar Market Opportunity

Revenue from virtual gaming worlds could grow to $400 billion in 2025.

- Coindesk

( 88 BTC = 0.00138% of $400 Billion when 1 BTC = $63000 )


Sportswear Giant Nike Purchases NFT Fashion and Collectibles Startup RTFKT - Coindesk

From NFTs to Apple and the metaverse: Here's what you can expect in 2022 - USAtoday

Metaverse Virtual Real Estate is Booming: What’s the Appeal? - Yahoo

A plot of digital land just sold for $2.3 million on Axie Infinity, as the real-estate race heats up across the metaverse - BusinessInsider

Luxury NFT Market Could Hit $56B by 2030: Morgan Stanley. The bank expects the total NFT market to grow to $300 billion by that year. 

- Coindesk

" Metaverse gaming and non-fungible tokens could represent a revenue opportunity of $56 billion for the luxury market by 2030."

- Morgan Stanley

" DeFi Money Market Launches Non-Fungible Tokens to Empower $14 Billion-Dollar DeFi Ecosystem " - PRweb

" NFT are relatively new types of digital assets that are designed to represent ownership of something that is unique and scarce, whether that be tokenized physical assets, rare digital resources, shares, or practically anything else.  " - Ledger

" Fortnite, the free to play game created by Epic Games, brought in a whopping $4.2 billion in revenue in 2019 " - substack

" The non-fungible tokens (NFT) category gained global crypto attention over the past few weeks as a result of Rarible (RARI) incorporating yield-farming into their adoption strategy. " - monsterplay

Zaha Hadid Architects Presents A Virtual Gallery Exploring NFT, Architecture And The Metaverse - worldarchitecture

Major world renowned companies that have joined the NFT space are:

Formula 1
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell
Warner Bros
Tarantino films
Dolce & Gabbana
Stella Artois
The Economist
Vogue Magazine
Dazed Magazine
Bacardi music
MGA Entertainment
Patec Philip
Audemar Piguet

Zaha Hadid Architects

Benefits of a .Com Domain:


Instant brand recognition

Instant Trust and Authority 

Category killer brand name

Keyword rich and SEO benefits

Highly generic keywords​

Search engine ranking

Immediate presence

Great investment

Increase traffic

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Sedo Current Sales: - $750,000 USD - $750,000 USD - $500,000 USD - $3,000,000 USD - $2,000,000 USD - $230,000 USD

Credit: Sedo

Sold Domains: - $75,000 USD - 2021 - $39,999 USD - 2021 - $40,000 USD - 2021 - $14,888 - 2022

Credit: namebio


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