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NEW: 365K BTC @ -8% gross, -5% net, Escrow, UK, Washington - Look For Seller

(Buyer :  PLER GM-Tele-Text) 

Post: 11.8.21


  • A buyer in Washington is looking for 365K BTC @ -8% gross, -5% net. 


  • Buyer = 5%

  • Buyerside = 1.5%

  • Sellerside = 1.5%

  • First tranche = 1000 BTC

  • Escrow company

  • If Seller agrees with SPA I will forward escrow agreement



  1. Buyer fills this Purchase Agreement and the Escrow Agreement.

  2. Seller fills this Purchase Agreement and the Escrow Agreement.

  3. Due Diligence.

  4. Buyer signs this Purchase Agreement and the Escrow Agreement.

  5. Seller signs this Purchase Agreement and Escrow Agreement.

  6. Escrow Agent signs the Escrow Agreement.

  7. Escrow Agent shall show proof of coins for USDT on behalf of the Buyer to prove availability to the Seller. Seller shall provide proof of coins for BTC to prove availability to the Buyer. Such Proof of Coins for both USDT and BTC should be satisfactory to the Buyer and to the Seller accordingly. 

  8. Upon execution of this Agreement and the Escrow Agreement, Buyer shall within one business day arrange to Escrow Agent the sum in Tether (USDT) sufficient to be applied to the purchase tranches in “Annex A”.

  9. Within one business day the Escrow Agent confirms the USDT. Seller transfers coins to Buyer wallet addresses for the first tranche and thereafter will transfer coins for subsequent tranches as mutually agreed.  

  10. Buyer and Escrow Agent validates the coin received in each tranche on the blockchain with 6 times confirmations.

  11. Following coins validation Escrow Agent will transfer the Purchase Price for such tranche to the Seller’s nominated USDT Wallet.  The Purchase Price will be the BTC price determined on less 6%.

  12. Upon completion of each and every tranche transaction, Seller shall disburse the 2% total commissions in the IMFPA in BTC denomination (in 50:50 ratio whereas 1% go to the Seller’s BTC-paymaster and 1% - to the Buyer’s BTC -paymaster).

  13. The procedure from Part 2.2.8 to Part 2.2.12 will be repeated accordingly until the entire agreement with the purchase tranches in “Annex A” is finalized and Parties will exchange “end of agreement confirmation” letters. 

  14. Escrow Agent fee to be settled according to the Escrow Agreement.​


Interested parties should contact :

NEW: 40K BTC @ -5% gross, -2% net, Escrow, Washington, USA - Look For Seller

(Buyer : CV UM)

Post: 25.1.21

  • A company in US is looking for 40K BTC @ -5% gross, -2% net 

  • Buyer = 2%

  • Buyerside = 1.5%

  • Sellerside = 1.5%

  • Escrow = 1% ( paid by Buyer and Seller 50/50)


  • Transact via Tier 1 Bitcoin Escrow Service

  • Our Group is ready to purchase Bitcoin using this service.

  • The Seller can engage their own Trusted Bitcoin Escrow Service Provider (mandatory) and present their agreement.

  • PRIMETRUST is one of the options. 

  • Can be other Escrow Service that the Seller uses.

  • 1. Offer + Procedure

  • 2. Draft Agreement of the Escrow Service Provider's Or Seller's Draft Agreement which includes the appointed Escrow Service Provider.


Interested parties should contact :

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