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NEW: 3000 BTC @ -3% gross, -1% net, Escrow Attorney - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  CP XE-Link)

Post: 10.6.21


  • A seller is selling 3000 BTC @ -3%gross, -1% net

  • Buyer = 1%

  • Sellerside = 1%

  • Buyerside = 1%​​​


  1. Buyer and seller will submit to Escrow Attorney their CIS respectively. The Buyer will also provide the Buyer’s BTC Wallet Address to Escrow Attorney.

  2. Once the transaction has been established with the Escrow Attorney, a copy of the Escrow Attorney Escrow Agreement will be sent to the Buyer and to the Seller. 

  3. Buyer signs the Escrow Agreement and sends to the Seller for Seller to sign. The Buyer will send the signed Escrow Agreement to Escrow Attorney. 

  4. Escrow Attorney signs the Escrow Agreement and sends a copy via email to both the Buyer and Seller respectively for confirmation that all parties are satisfied with the Escrow Agreement and that all parties are RWA to proceed with the escrow arrangement and its procedures. 

  5. The Buyer then provide proof of funds to the Escrow Attorney. The Escrow Attorney confirms the POF and instruct the Seller to transfer BTC to the nominated Escrow bitcoin wallet. 

  6. The Seller shall immediately transfer first tranche amount of BTC to the Escrow Attorney’s wallet. The Escrow Attorney confirms to the buyer and seller the receipt of BTC from the Seller and immediately issue an invoice from Escrow Attorney to the Buyer for payment of the BTC, and Escrow Attorney email an invoice containing the nominated bank coordinates for the wire transfer of the BTC, the transaction reference code and invoice numbers for each tranche. 

  7. The Buyer makes payment and sends a wire copy to Escrow Attorney for confirmation. 

  8. Escrow Attorney confirms payment in their nominated bank escrow account.

  9. Escrow Attorney sends via email an instruction letter to the Seller confirming Buyer’s payment and Buyer’s Wallet Address and amount of BTC to transfer.

  10. The Escrow Attorney transfers funds to the Seller, upon the Seller confirming to the Buyer and Escrow Attorney the receipt of payment from the Escrow Attorney, the Escrow Attorney shall immediately transfer paid amount of BTC to the Buyer’s nominated Bitcoin wallet.

  11. The Buyer confirms the BTC received in his wallet that they are fully transmitted and per the agreed tranche amount. 

  12. The Buyer then confirms via email to Escrow Attorney that the BTC has been received as agreed upon and provides an instruction letter stating that Escrow Attorney is hereby requested by the Buyer to release the payments to consultants.  

  13. The Consultants confirms to Escrow Attorney and the Buyer that funds have been received and transaction for the tranche is concluded.

  14. For additional tranches, the steps 6-14 will continue until the contract is exhausted.


Interested parties should contact :

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