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Mega IEO 


IEO = Initial Exchange Offering


" This time last year, no one had even heard of an IEO (Initial Exchange Offering). But in the past six months, token offerings where an exchange acts as the counterparty have gone from the novel to the de rigeur model for the next generation of crowdsales.

Binance Launchpad’s BitTorrent (BTT) sale in January speaks volumes to the promise of the IEO. The sale of a whopping 60 billion BTT coins completed in a mere 14 minutes; it would have finished in a matter of seconds had there not been a technical bug, according to Binance founder, Changpeng Zhao (CZ). " -

  • Instant brand recognition

  • Instant Trust and Authority 

  • Category killer brand name

  • Keyword rich and SEO benefits

  • Highly generic keywords​


Comparable Domain Market Sales $USD :

Video.Games - $183,000 - 2017 - $125,000 - 2012 - $49,000 - 2018 - $50,000 - 2018 - $1M - 2014 - $3M - 2019 (expert estimate only) - sold to Amazon - Undisclosed amount - Sold to Google

Source: Namebio

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