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NEW: 500K BTC @ -1% gross, +1% net, Escrow, Standard Kepler  - Look For Buyer

(Seller :  M S)

Post: 27.3.2019

Seller is a private BTC owner. Seller provides a clean and steady supply of BTC through escrow service. He has a reliable trade execution process and is ready to work with different escrow agents.

  • I am direct to Seller Mandate

  • Amount (min), BTC: 25K BTC / week

  • Amount (max), BTC: 500K BTC

  • Rate:

  • Net : +1%

  • Gross : -1%

  • Purchase procedure:

  • Type:  Escrow

  • Escrow: Standard Kepler (seller is onboard), Legacy, Kingdom Trust, LMAX

  • KYC: Yes. - through escrow provider

  • LOI: Yes

  • POF type: Escrow

  • POC type: Escrow, or test deal of 1 BTC

  • Face-2-Face meeting: No

Seller works through escrow service. Seller is on-boarded with Standard Kepler, but could also work with such agents as Legacy, Kingdom Trust, LMAX. POC is provided via a letter by Standard Kepler. The trade is executed through KB Chau law firm and involves performance bond. Funds and Coins transfers happen in few tranches until the full amount is traded. Minimum purchase of 25,000 BITCOIN (BTC) per week up to 500,000 BITCOIN (BTC). Maximum of 50,000 BITCOIN (BTC) per Purchase Order (PO). So, for example if the BUYER wants to purchase 500,000 BITCOIN (BTC), BUYER has to submit 10 x Purchase Order (PO) of 50,000 BITCOIN (BTC) each per Purchase Order (PO).

  •  Procedure:

  • 1. BUYER provides LOI, the latest bank statement, Lawyer LOA.

  • 2. Standard Kepler provides letter stating that SELLER has coins on board with them.

  • 3. BUYER and SELLER sign an agreement and Purchase Order with KB Chau law firm, set up a data room (a web cabinet where both parties can sign in).

  • 4. Both sides deposit performance bond with a minimum amount of $20,000 (or equivalent in BTC).

  • 5. BUYER transfers funds to KB Chau for the first tranche which has to be equivalent of 5000 BTC. The next tranches may be larger. Coins go first direct from Standard Kepler to BUYER’s ledger, then the payment goes from KB Chau to SELLER. Repeat last step until coins are exhausted.


Interested parties should contact:

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