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NEW: 50K - 500K BTC @ -13% gross, -7% net, L2L, Double Escrow, Hamburg, Germany, USA, Argentina, India, Russia, Poland, Switzerland - Look For Seller

(Buyer :  TA LB -Link)

Post: 23.5.21


  • A Buyer is looking for 50K-500K BTC @ -13% gross, -7% net

  • Buyer = 7 % 

  • Buyer Mandate =1%

  • Buyer Side Intermediaries = 1,5% (0,75% x 2)

  • Seller mandate = 1 % 

  • Seller Side Intermediaries = 1.5 % (0,50% x 3)

  • Escrow Agent of the Seller = 1%

  • We specify that Escrow already has the Buyer's funds in custody! 

  • Buyer operates through International Escrow Agent with registered office in Hamburg (Germany) and offices in the USA, Argentina, India, Russia, Poland, Switzerland.  



  • 1. The buyer and the seller sign this purchase contract. The Contract shall contain the exact transfer information and bank details of each party and their respective representatives and intermediaries.

  • 2. the signed Contract is deposited with the respective Escrow Agents who sign it for acceptance and endorsement and provide copies to the Parties (Buyer, Seller, Buyer Mandate, Seller Mandate, Intermediaries Seller Side and Buyer Side). 

  • 3. within 24 hours of ratification by the Escrow Agents, they exchange proof of funds for the first tranche: The Buyer via a recent active bank statement of US Dollars or Euros via screen or email; The Seller shall show a screenshot to the Buyer via screen or email one of his wallets showing the BTC available for the first tranche.

  • 5. After verification of the proof of funds, within 48 the Buyer will transfer to Escrow Agent, the funds and seller will deposit to Escrow Agent xxxxxxxxx the wallet of 51,250 BTC

  • 6. Escrow Agents will notify each other of receipt of funds/BTC

  • 7. Buyer Escrow Agent and Seller Escrow Agent will agree on the procedures for exchange of their respective Funds VS 50,000 BTC and proceed to execute it.

  • 8. After mutual delivery has been completed, within 48 hours, Buyer Escrow Agent shall forward the 50,000 BTC to Buyer's wallet and Seller Escrow Agent shall proceed to send the counter value net of 13% discount to Seller by wire transfer.  

  • 9. At the same time, the two Escrow Agents shall respectively execute the payments as per Art.1 "The Commissions".

  • 10. Subsequent tranches shall proceed in a similar manner, tranche by tranche.


Interested parties should contact :

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