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NEW: 300K BTC @ -5% gross, -2% net, Bank, Bahamas - Look For Seller

(Buyer: Ar Kh)

Post: 14.6.2019

  • I am direct to Buyer Mandate. Short chain.

  • My buyer mandate is direct to a legitimate, significant solid Buyer in Bahamas

  • Buyer is looking for 300K BTC. -5% gross, -2% net

  • Require seller able to onboard with the Deltec Bank, a regulated bank in Bahamas

  • Commissions: -3% commissions split, 1.5%  Buyer side1.5% Seller side

  • Super easy procedures, all with KYC, AML

  • Super easy onboard with a regulated bank in the Bahamas. 

  • Seller uploads BTC to the bank in their custodial account.  

  • Buyer uploads fiat to their bank custodial account.

  • No need F2F.  

  • The coin and fiat have to be present in the accounts for the transaction to occur. 

  • The bank is providing the buyer on their platform  

  • Bank is providing buyer of coin.  Bank is regulated entity. 

  • Safe for both seller and buyer.

  • Advantages:

  • We can set up private rooms between counterparties to trade cryptocurrencies. 

  • Cost: 10bp each side - AML/KYC done by bank 

  • Coins and fiat are deposited to the accounts of each counterparty

  • Bank account, custody accounts under the name of each counterparty

  • No need for SPA, OTC Agreement 

  • Total control on pricing and liquidity

  • No need to worry about coins or fiat first

  • No counterparty risk as fiat and crypto are with the regulated and reputable bank before trades are executed 

  • Relying on a regulated and compliant entity


Interested parties should contact:

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