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NEW: 100K up to 500K BTC @ -4% gross, -2% net, DBS Bank, HK  - Look For Buyer

(Seller 1)

Date: 9.11.2018

  • At least 100k up to 500K.

  • Gross: at least -4

  • Bank: DBS_HK

  • Deal way: F2F_HK_Cashier order deposit and TT

  • buyer Suggest to do next procedure. 

  • 1. Meet with buyer in buyer Bank DBS vip room

  • 2. Buyer show POF, then Seller send Satoshi.

  • 3. Buyer call his partner company financial director to issue cashier order.

  • 4. Buyer issues cashier order from DBS bank for 10 million USD as a guaranty.

  • 5. Seller verified this cashier order with his bank officer.

  • 6. Seller send coins equal to cashier order amount.

  • 7. Buyer receive coins and send 10 million usd to the seller’s account. Then seller send again coins equal to cashier order amount. Then buyer again send 10 million to the seller account.

  • Steps 6 and 7 continue until the end of transaction day.

  • Can be 7-10 transaction per day.                

  • Next day we meet at seller bank. We understand that buyer and seller work smoothly without any problems. We can work with same procedure as was first day or We agree another option of transaction to finish deal ASAP.

  • One if option Buyer can send money first with TT for 100 million or more, then seller send  coins.

  • Or also can use cashier order but transaction can be twice bigger.

  • The seller way how to finish deal faster can be discussed.

Buyer Mandate Only

Interested parties should contact :

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