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NEW: 400K BTC @ -7% gross, -4% net, Bitshield Wallet, MT103, B2B, Bank - Look For Seller

(Buyer :  GH JK-Gail)

Post: 29.7.21


  • A Buyer is looking for 400K BTC @ -7%gross, -4% net

  • Buyer = 4%

  • Buyerside = 1.5% 

  • Sellerside = 1.5% 

  • First tranche = 1000 BTC

  • Subsequent tranches = 10000 BTC​



  • Seller to show BTC in Bitshield wallet :

  • a.) Seller owns BTC

  • b.) Seller can move BTC.


  • 1. the BTC seller creates a Bitshield wallet.

  • The app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, then load the 500, 1000 to 5000 BTC for the first tranche to the Bitshield wallet. Send screenshots of the loaded BTC including ID number to the lawyer/trustee/escrow. After verification of the BTC on the Bitshield wallet, seller bank receives a pre-notification MT-199 from the buyer bank. After bank reconciliation, buyer agrees to immediately post a bank transfer SEPA or MT103, including commission for the intermediary.

  • 2. All transfers shall be made via SEPA or MT103 (bank to bank) to Seller's account or attorney/escrow escrow account to be determined by Seller in a timely manner. However, no later than the time of invoicing.

  • 3. After successful receipt of payment, the seller must give the release to his bank officer or trustee to transfer the number of purchased BTC from his Bitshield wallet to the buyer's Bitshield wallet, and both parties declare that the transaction is completed. In the same context, the next transaction is discussed and prepared by both parties. This process is repeated until the contract is completely fulfilled.

  • 4. The contract of sale is considered to be completed once the money is in the possession of the seller and the bitcoins have been transferred to the buyer.

  • 5. If the seller or the buyer violate provisions of the provisionally signed purchase contract, he is obliged to pay a penalty of 3% of the total order value.

  • 6. All parties are obliged to discretion and only pre-agreed persons will be entrusted with it. Any violation will be considered as a breach of contract and will result in the payment of the agreed penalty in the amount of 3%.

  • 7. The seller confirms that the BTC are freely available, free from third party rights and do not originate from criminal activities.

  • 8. The price is agreed as follows: According to the morning fixed price indicated on at 10am New York time, the Buyer shall pay the corresponding price minus the net discount of 4%.


Interested parties should contact :

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