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NEW: 5K-30K+ BTC @ -2% Gross, +2% Net, Escrow, Velo Trust, London - Look For Seller

(Buyer :  GC PA)

Post: 11.6.2020

  • A buyer wishes to buy 5K-30K BTC at -2% gross, +2% net​

  • Buyerside = 1.5 % 

  • Sellerside = 1.5 %

  • Escrow = 1% 


  • Signing of agreements and onboard escrow Velo Trust

  • Create a transaction in escrow

  • Both parties agree to conditions

  • Buyer deposits funds in Escrow account

  • Seller sends bitcoin to escrow wallet

  • Escrowed funds are sent to seller, fees to the consultants on both sides

  • Bitcoin is sent to buyer


Interested parties should contact :



NEW: 10K BTC @ +2% Gross, +5% Net, Escrow Velo Trust, Dubai - Look For Seller

(Buyer :  PR  SA)

Post: 8.5.2020


  • Total Order: 10K BTC
    Buying Rate: +2% Gross, +5% Net.

  • Payment to seller broker (1.5%)

  • Payment to buyer broker (1.5%) (negotiable)
    First Tranche: Minimum BTC 250 (negotiable)
    Subsequent Tranches: TBA
    Tranche Purchase Frequency: Weekly
    Escrow Agent: Velo Trust (non-negotiable)
    Buyer Location: Dubai, UAE

  • Bitcoin Escrow Procedure:

  • 1. Signing of agreements, escrow onboarding and then transaction setup with escrow agent.
    2. Buyer transfers purchase price plus escrow fee to escrow agent.
    3. Escrow agent confirms the availability of funds to seller and requests bitcoin transfer.
    4. Seller transfers bitcoin to escrow agent.
    5. Escrow agent releases the purchase price to seller, fees to the consultants on both sides, then bitcoin to the

  • Notes:
    Escrow agent being used for purchase is Velo Trust, available to worldwide sellers.
    Escrow agent charges a 1% fee which will be handled fully by the buyer.
    Sellers who cannot fill entire buy order are still welcome.
    High subsequent tranche volumes are encouraged, this will shorten total transaction time.
    Funds are already on-boarded with escrow agent and POF is available before signing of agreements if required.




Interested parties should contact :



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