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OTCbid - To the moon? Bitcoin roars back, fuelling $100,000 predictions

" Bitcoin to $100,000. Bitcoin to the moon. Bitcoin to infinity.

The world’s largest cryptocurrency is staging a comeback that has taken it up more than 50% from recent lows, reviving animal spirits and coaxing out sky-high price targets that, while a source of comedy for some, emerge when the asset is rallying.

Out are predictions the digital currency was ready to retest $20,000 amid a slew of negative headlines that many said would push it lower. Back in vogue are calls for the coin to keep rallying again to its all-time highs and beyond.

And there are plenty of superlatives to mark the moment: Bitcoin is up four weeks straight and is on pace for its second monthly advance. Overall, it’s seen its fastest 21-day advance since February, the last time it was in the midst of vaulting toward records. " - Read Full Article

Source: aljazeera


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- OTCbid

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Post: 11.8.21


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