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OTCbid - Experts believe Bitcoin is on its way to $92,000

Updated: Aug 14, 2021

" Bank of America outlines the benefits of adopting Bitcoin as legal tender in El Salvador, suggesting a bullish outlook on the leading cryptocurrency.

  • Bitcoin is decoupling with gold, correlation turns negative as the bellwether cryptocurrency rallies.

  • Bitcoin mining difficulty is up 7.3%, marking the first significant increase since the hashrate migration.

Bitcoin nearly reversed the inflows to exchanges during the May sell-off with peak outflows. The asset has rebounded strongly and is ready for a breakout.

S2F creator Plan B confirms bullish prediction for BTC, says bull market is not over

The Stock to Flow model (S2F) proposed by Plan B essentially compares BTC to scarce commodities like gold or silver. The model advocates that Bitcoin is a scarce resource and they should retain their value in the long term, with relative scarcity and low supply. " - Read Full Article

Source: FXstreet


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- OTCbid


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