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NFT Digital Assets - The Rise Of NFT Into An Emerging Digital Asset Class

" Heading into the third quarter of the year, you’ve probably come across NFTs, the Non-fungible Tokens. The NFT space has taken the world by storm as it emerges as a new digital asset class after receiving paramount support from various industries, especially the digital art industry.

A few months ago, Beeple sold a digital collage out of his collection, “Everdays: The First 5000 days,” for $69.3 million in collaboration with Christie’s, a popular art house. NFT represents a new era of digital ownership, mainly in areas like digital art, fashion, and gaming, where virtual ownership is common as a status symbol.

The nature of NFTs being unique, irreplaceable, immutable, and non-fungible makes them an attractive asset for investors and creators alike. NFTs have empowered creators to monetize and value their digital content, be it music, videos, memes, or art on decentralized marketplaces, without having to go through the hassles that a modern-day creator typically goes through. " - Read Full Article

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