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Banklessness - Square Wants in on the DeFi Boom

" Square's (NYSE:SQ) interest in cryptocurrency just took a big step up. CEO Jack Dorsey recently announced plans for a new business segment focused on developing a decentralized finance platform using Bitcoin (CRYPTO:BTC).

Decentralized finance, an industry that uses blockchain technology to replace centralized institutions like banks and exchanges, has grown significantly over the last couple of years. There's over $50 billion in cryptocurrency value locked into the DeFi ecosystem. Dorsey and company think the industry is still in its early stages and that it presents a big growth opportunity for Square.

What exactly is Square building?

Dorsey made the announcement of the new business segment, referred to as TBD, via a tweet, but the announcement was short on details.

" Square is creating a new business (joining Seller, Cash App, & Tidal) focused on building an open developer platform with the sole goal of making it easy to create non-custodial, permissionless, and decentralized financial services. Our primary focus is #Bitcoin. Its name is TBD. " " - Read Full Article

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" We get asked for millions of BTC from billion-dollar companies. We can do it with multiple sellers and multiple wallets."

- OTCbid

-8% Gross, -6% Net, Deutsche Bank, Germany, Netherlands

Buyer Mandate Only -

NEW: 600K BTC @ -8% gross, -6% net, Deutsche Bank, Germany, Netherlands - Look For Buyer

(Seller : TAAR HR-Link)

Post: 6.8.21


  • A seller is selling 600K BTC @ -8% gross, -6% net

  • Buyer = 6%

  • Sellerside = 1%

  • Buyerside = 1%

  • First tranche = 500 BTC

  • Subsequent tranches = 200,000 BTC


  • 1. BP arranges for the BUYER to transfer to a bank account = TRUST ACCOUNT at DEUTSCHE BANK. This account is a Trust account which is under our management. The TRUST account CIS is attached to this agreement. The money will be transferred in the form of SEPA credit and the SELLER bank officer signs the official BGL and is signed in the name of the BUYER.

  • 2. The SELLER BTC transfers to the BP WALLET as per agreed procedure – until all BTC are received from the Seller, and the BTC are in our TRUST WALLET. The TRUST Wallet is attached. The BTC are transferred by the BP to the BUYER wallet , and after ALL confirmations of the blockchain network and approval by the BUYER, the SELLER officer can released into the SELLER account.

  • 3. Bank account transfers to the TRUST ACCOUNT: For each Tranche the full amount needs to be received by the BP, i.e. the approx. value of 200,000 BTC expressed in USD (or Euro).

  • 4. The TRUST LAWYER will perform the buy & sell transaction when all BTC and all Funds are present and confirmed. The Lawyer will inform the Seller and Buyer that the transaction can be completed as the funds and the BTC have been provided in FULL.

  • 5. BP sets the BTC market price (see Notes below), BP defines the final net sale price applying the agreed discount.

  • 6. The BUYER will provide a pre-agreed BTC WALLET address to receive the BTC.

  • 7. The BP will transfer the BTC from the BP owned BTC WALLET to the BUYER WALLET.

  • 8. The BUYER and SELLER will be officially informed and the whole transaction will be filed under the German BAFIN license and reporting. All costs will be applied to the transaction as agreed.


Interested parties should contact :



  • DM Raymond Chai (on Linkedin)

  • Telegram @OTCbiddotcom

  • Telegram: +1 (786) 632 8577



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