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AI Architecture 


( Proposed tallest tower in the world )
Height : 2000m

The Lotus Tower, located in the heart of Cairo, is a remarkable example of the intersection of time duality, seamlessly blending ancient and modern elements into a single, awe-inspiring structure. The tower's sleek, steel and glass form, adorned with stylized lotus flowers and a golden facade, pays homage to the pharaohs of old while reaching towards the future.


From the tower's observation decks to the rooftop bar, visitors can take in the bustling city below and the enigmatic pyramids in the distance, a captivating paradox that speaks to the enduring spirit of Egypt. The tower's use of heritage stone, a subtle nod to Cairo's Art Deco past and ancient French art, adds yet another layer of depth to this mesmerizing structure, creating a constantly changing display of light and shadow that is truly unforgettable.



_e882e3bb-282c-4acb-ab08-573286deca48 4.jpeg

Tower Lobby


Hotel Lobby


Function Hall


Technology Hub


Apartment Lobby


Community Hub


Heaps AI (Concept Store)

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Rooftop Bar


Egypt Tower :

The world's tallest single tower in Cairo. 2 kilometer tall, sits on the lake Nile river, view of Cairo city, glimpse of 3 pyramids in horizon desert. Graceful futuristic abstract slender sculpture stainless steel glass, Distinct iconic landmark, Pharaonic and Art Deco styles, Ancient Egyptian obelisks, Egyptian facade and rooftop, Sleek glass green tower interlock with heritage stone facade. Light and shade. Hyper photo realistic,16k.

Technology Hub :

Interior view of minimalist contemporary interior of tech hub, stage platform, screen projector, 4-st meeting hall, futuristic, View to city, Nile river and Pyramids. Egyption curve window sweeping curve wall ceiling, minimalist style, all white , black, blue, gold ceiling lighting, color of ancient Egypt, high ceiling, angular planes, crowded people in technology hall, lounge seatings, wine bar and serving drinks area, lighting, for art deco pattern, Light and shade, 16k

Apartment Lobby :

closeup view of contemporary apartment lobby, deconstruction geometry Zaha Hadid style, full height vertical green wall from ground, 5-storey, illuminated white marble glass box reception desk, giant egyption sculpture, wide View to city, Nile river, Pyramids. minimalist style, white marble floor, lounge seats and big trees branches, tilted walls and ceiling, glass skylight with glimpse of tower above,, people in lobby, large trees, garden and fountain, Light and shade, 16k


Liquid architecture glass penthouse living room and glass bar outdoor green terrace at the rooftop of world's tallest Lotus Tower will offer deconstruction style twisted facade walls of glass with vertical fins external wall stainless steel to form a vertical spire and an “awe-inspiring view looking down to the Cairo city from the sparkling waters to the iconic skyscrapers below, all white interiors, glass rooftop swimming pool and terrace garden, Photo realistic 16k

Rooftop Bar

Closeup view of openair pyramid shape rooftop bar and garden. view to city, Nile river and Pyramids  Zaha Hadid style transparent art deco patterned curve wave glass roof canopy, green, gold, blue glass. swimming pool, deconstruction glass bar counter, egyptian curve foof pattern , integrated with art deco high ceiling, crowded people in lounge seats drink champagne, lounge seatings, wine bar, lighting, for art deco-furniture. Light and shade, Hyper photo realistic,16k

Heaps AI:

Stunning Heaps AI concept store, contemporary design, beauty of nature! Store boasts interlocking sculpture, angular design inspired by nature, with walls in a bio-inspired minimal free flow design, full glass shopfront view to the mall, 5-st high ceiling,all in sleek black. Ascend the neon gold sweeping curve stairs to our illuminated rectangular silver charcoal black reception desk, featuring the Heaps AI logo. relax in our comfortable lounge seats, display luxury dresses

Community Hub:

Interior space of The Community Hub in Lotus Tower with views of cairo city, Nile river and pyramid. minimalist Interior , 5 storey high ceiling, with contemporary design of bat, kitchen, with green (wadj); red (desher); blue (irtyu or khesbedj); yellow (khenet or kenit); white (hedj or shesep); and black (kem), and traditional touch of art deco, lotus flowers, Ancient Egyptian Culture, 16k

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